Kudos for ByteDance Actively Responded to the Request of the CBCGDF Pangolin Working Group to Delete Inappropriate Information Promoting Pangolin Farming
2020/4/4 15:43:00 本站

On the evening of March 25th, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received ByteDance’s reply to the official letter themed Strengthen Pangolin Conservation and Improve the Publicity of Endangered Species Protection. ByteDance values the letter and promises to delete inappropriate and misleading publicity.


CBCGDF has learned from a volunteer that an article entitled Pangolin Breeding Can Be A Promising Project As The Wild Population Of Pangolin Declines which is published on the agriculture sector of TouTiao, developed by ByteDance, introduces information pertaining to pangolin farming, which may mislead readers and further pose serious threat to conserve the pangolin in the wild.


Therefore, CBCBGDF wrote to ByteDance, suggesting to delete the article, strengthen review to all information and news concerning wildlife domestication and farming published on the platform, and enhance the publicity and supervision of relevant content.


The Pangolin Working Group of CBCGDF has been dedicated to conserving pangolins over the past five years and made important progress. Recent researches show no breakthrough has been achieved in pangolin domestication and farming, and this is still a global challenge. According to Article 8, news media shall promote wildlife protection laws and regulations and develop an awareness of wildlife protection and monitor public opinion on illegal behavior.


CBCGDF applauds for ByteDance’s swift response and action. Meanwhile, we encourage TouTiao to enhance inspection and review before publishing news or information regarding wildlife domestication and breeding, and to set up a strict supervision system, so as to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate news.

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By / Wang Yanqing Modified / Maggie