It’s Good for Society to Treat the Problems of Wood Frog Breeding Scientifically (II)
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Various rectifications have not stopped the commodity farmers


In the Yichun Tieli Forest District, the collection of some relevant information on the biggest commodity farmer "Chinese Forest Frog Prince", on their company's page: "Zhongbao Chinese forest frog has been in existence for more than 30 years since 1995. Now it has the largest Chinese forest frog base in China, and it is also a national Chinese forest frog demonstration base." The person in charge is Zhao Zhongbao, who owns nine bases with a total contracted area of 17,000 hectares. He claims to be the largest Chinese forest frog base in China.


In July 2008, Zhao Zhongbao was recommended and reviewed by the breeding committee of the China Wildlife Conservation Association and hired as a member of the Frog Professional Committee of the Farming Committee of the China Wildlife Protection Association. In May 2011, he was appointed as the "vice chairman of the Frog Professional Committee of the Breeding Committee of China Wildlife Conservation Association". Please note that this frog professional committee just made a "big news" last month.


On February 18, 2020, the China Wildlife Conservation Association decided to withdraw the frog breeding professional committee. The main reason for the official announcement is that under the protection and breeding and utilization committee and the aquatic wildlife protection branch of China Wildlife Conservation Association, the China Wildlife Conservation Association illegally established the "frog breeding professional committee" and "snake breeding professional committee" ","giant salamander professional committee" and other three-level branches. Does not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, was given a warning of administrative punishment on March 12.


The investigation found that the "Chinese Forest Frog Prince", together with the Northeast Forestry University College of Wildlife Resources and Tieli City, formed the China Wood Frog Research Institute of Tieli City, Northeast Forestry University. The frog committee of the China Wildlife Conservation Commission affiliated to the institute.


Tieli City Forest Frog Breeding Standardization Demonstration Zone was officially approved by the National Standardization Administration as a national standardization demonstration base. Slowly, "Zhongbao Chinese Forest Frog" is a registered trademark of Tieli Zhongbao Wood Frog Breeding Farmer Professional Cooperative, which is the largest and most powerful wood frog enterprise. The frog eggs of local retail contractors are from this. Adult frogs are also delivered here. The wood frog breeding of "Chinese Forest Frog Prince" is a model of rural cooperatives.


The person in charge of the enterprise, Zhao Zhongbao, also used the deputy director of the frog breeding professional committee of the China Wildlife Conservation Association. He seems to have an official name, soliciting business everywhere, and organizing experts to advocate that they are breeding forest frogs. Rescue conservation of the species claimed that if they did not place frog eggs, the wood frogs on the mountains would die and become extinct. However, when they hyped their Chinese forest frog products online, the words "pure wild" had been their gold sign.


It is difficult to understand that the locals have long known that these wood frogs are actually wild animals, and they still have to continue this "cultivation" method. Some data from Tieli City show that Tieli was once the largest wood frog breeding base in China, but the current breeding method is wild breeding. Due to various reasons, the degradation of the ecology has led to the failure of artificial breeding. Wood frog farms are wild breeding methods.


In addition, the more important information is that the Zhongbao wood frog farm is located on the southern foot of the Xiaoxing'an Mountains, where it is called the hometown of Korean pine. It is understood that Luming Forest Farm of Tieli Forestry Bureau should belong to state-owned forest areas, and some areas are key state-owned forest areas. State-owned forest areas are owned by the state, and the most important function should be ecological functions and strategic positioning to maintain ecological security.


The "Chinese Forest Frog Prince" Zhongbao Chinese forest frog company's 17,000-hectare base is located in the most important state-owned forest area in Yichun, China, the covering a large area and occupying a lot of forest resources are rare. In its public information, it claims to produce 200,000 wood frogs per year (the unit is unknown if it is kilograms or the number of wood frogs). Such a large amount of wood frogs is obtained from natural forest areas, the ecological condition is worrying. And are the procedures for the completion of the woodland they occupy complete? Is there an environmental impact assessment? All this requires the competent leaders of Yichun City to make a good self-examination and self-correction!


Although we should support forestry workers' self-made solutions, we should also help forestry workers to transform, but this transformation cannot be built on the basis of harming the ecology, and this kind of getting rich cannot be built on the basis of ecological unsustainable development. This kind of management behavior that directly intercepts resources from nature is tantamount to killing chickens and eggs. We should immediately abandon them, and we must resolutely ban and stop illegal acts.


The main management departments on wood frogs must take responsibility


For a long time, the forestry authorities have always adopted an "ambiguous" attitude towards the problem of wood frog farming. There are many industry associations. For a period of time, the profitable wood frog industry has become a typical representative of the forestry economy. No one wants to reveal the ecological harm and potential crisis caused by the current breeding of wood frog. This kind of ecological crisis, such as forest diseases and insect pests, endangered species, loss of biodiversity, etc., may be avoided if early measures are taken, but it is precisely that everyone has found it, no one is willing to take action, and unwilling to break the situation that has formed. So, evasion, numbness, and indifference will only lead to greater ecological consequences.


Most ordinary farm households breeding wood frogs are kind and reasonable. They support ecological conservation because they live in the homes of generations. However, some commodity breeding farmers took the lead in making troubles, petitions, intimidation, and rumors, claiming to have affected poverty alleviation and affected the local economy. Some farmers who do not know the truth will be encouraged, which will cause social instability. It is hoped that the majority of wood frog farmers can listen to the advice of ecological experts and popularize some knowledge about nature. Remember “If the ecology prospers, the civilization prospers; if the ecology decays, the civilization decays”.

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