Zhou Jinfeng: Stop the Use of Pangolins and Other Endangered Species, and Promote the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2020/3/26 17:43:00 本站

The issue of eating wildlife has been fundamentally improved through policy regulation and legislation. Now, it is time to remove endangered species from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which will lay a fundamental step for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Only when biodiversity is under sound conservation, can the traditional Chinese medicine achieve sustainable utilization and development. If the species go to extinction, then how can we secure the future of the traditional Chinese medicine?


The Guideline of Strategic Planning for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2030) highlights the principle of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, comprehensively improve the growth of traditional Chinese medicine, and enhance the conservation and utilization of traditional medicine resources.


Rich biodiversity is the key to secure the ingredients and resources of traditional Chinese medicine.


The production model developed in the context of the Industrial Civilization has led to the overexploitation of ecological resources and biodiversity loss, further causing the unsustainable utilization of the resources of traditional Chinese medicine. If we take no actions to make the change, it will prove to trigger problems for all important ingredients of TCM. Only by sticking to the philosophy of the Ecological Civilization can TCM serve the people for long, which is the direction to promote TCM globally.


Endangered species conservation is a contribution to the sustainable development of TCM as well as a token of both green development and Ecological Civilization construction. It further enhances the positive profile of TCM in the field of traditional medicine, so as to maintains its merits and achieve the innovative and coordinated development of TCM in an ecological, green, inclusive and open way. The advantages of TCM should be shared with all of us and thus lays a solid foundation for the construction of the Healthy China 2030 put forward by President Xi Jinping.


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