CBCGDF Wrote to UN Agencies Advise the Light of the Empire State Building be Turned Off on Celebrating the World Wildlife Day
2020/3/2 16:46:00 本站

To the CITES Secretariat and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),


We understand that you will join forces to light up New York City's iconic Empire State Building to celebrate the special day the 2020 "World Wildlife Day". We respect your good starting point, but we think that this is a far cry. Please reconsider and turn off the lights of the Empire State Building instead of lighting them.


This is because wild animals need natural dark nights, not artificial lights. Dark night is the heritage of nature. Especially migratory wildlife, such as bats, migratory birds, turtles and so on. Every year, countless wild animals die due to light pollution. Inspire and celebrate with lights? In our view, this runs counter to the "nature-based solution" proposed by the United Nations Environment Agency.


Therefore, we ask for urgent advice to change the light from the lit-up to the light-out to restore the natural tranquility of the night and to show the friendship of human beings to wildlife. Extinguishing the lights of the Empire State Building inspires all New Yorkers and people around the world to praise wildlife and help protect all species for a more sustainable and prosperous future.


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation and wildlife conservation volunteers

March 2, 2020