To refuse animals’ show, they are using their lives to make us happy | open letter from volunteers to the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of culture
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On the morning of December 29, a spotted seal in the Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World died of bleed after being rescued, the Beijing News reported. On the evening of December 30, Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World released a notice that the spotted seal involved in the accident was stuck because it opened the backwater protection plate at the bottom of the pool with its claw. And then the spotted seal died.


According to the video released by "Dalian Throughout", the head of a spotted seal in the pool of Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World was sucked by the water outlet, and more than 20 people gathered in front of the exhibition hall. The trapped spotted seal is about one meter long. Its head was stuck in the water pipe at the bottom of the water. Other parts of the body stand upright in the water. There are five spotted seals in the same pool. When they see their friend trapped, they try to help the trapped spotted seal. In another video, the staff dragged the spotted seal, which had been got out of the water, away, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.


It's not unusual for such cases. In September of last year, a 70 years old skinny female elephant in Sri Lanka walked for several kilometers every night in full dress after ten days of the festival parade. The elephant collapsed and died. (@People's Daily Weibo on September 25, 2019)


Some tigers jumped out of their cages, but the pain of death hasn't gone away. Now another spotted seal suffocates. There was a video of a complete investigation of Suzhou circus, which revealed the cruel means behind the art and culture of "the hometown of Chinese Circus" with a history of 100 years. People cheered animals on the stage, in fact, to make their fate go further into darkness. In order to let black bear stand and bow, he also tied his neck with a chain and hung it beside the wall. As long as black bears tried to land on his front leg, he would be choked. If against the wishes of the tamer, the tiger will be forced to choke in the water. Marine mammals, which rely on echolocation to navigate and communicate, live in a confined space for a long time, and their ultrasonic waves are reflected back quickly, so they have to bear the pain, which at the same time leads to their life shortened by half compared with other marine animals. There are more and more calls for animal protection. Only by firmly refusing to abuse animals and forcing animals to show can we prevent more lives that should have been cared for or enjoyed freedom from dying under beatings and dying in captivity.


Refuse to abuse and force animals to perform. Happiness should not be based on pain! "No business, no harm." If a circus that abuses or forces animals to perform is a direct perpetrator, the audience who buys tickets to help it generate income is an indirect perpetrator. Only when the audience firmly resists such behavior and refuses to buy tickets to watch the animal performance, can the interests’ chain be cut off completely and the life trapped in the cage can be saved.


It also needs strong institutional support to refuse to abuse and force animals to perform. This outdated culture is being banned or restricted all over the world. According to incomplete statistics, there are 389 cities in 36 countries around the world, which regard animals’ performance as a disaster of wildlife and prohibit or restrict animal performance. In this regard, volunteers suggested that the relevant departments investigate and verify all the abuses and forced performances of animals as soon as possible so that these animals can return to nature. To use the People's Daily's advocacy: they are as alive and free as we are, which is a miracle of nature. In the same blue sky, we often treat animals with empathy, which is not only a respect for nature, but also for human beings themselves.

Volunteers of CBCGDF

January 7, 2020

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