The Majority of the Pneumonia Cases are From a Seafood Market in Wuhan – CBCGDF Calls For the 2020 CNY to Say “No” to Eat Wild Animals!
2020/1/10 17:38:00 本站

Recently, several cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology have been detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. According to the news of People's Daily published on December 31, most patients are operating dealers or vendors from the local Huanan Seafood market. An in-depth investigation report of the Red Star News mentions that wild animals like pheasants, snakes, and marmots can be found in the market. The interviewer says he himself has gone to the seafood market, "In addition to seafood, locals can easily buy various kinds of living animals and wildlife, for instance, cats, dogs, snakes, soft-shelled turtles, monkeys, and deer."


The official authoritative report has not been published yet. No major evidence of the relation between the disease and the market has been confirmed. However, some gems carried by wild animals may pose infections to humans. Not eating wildlife is saving ourselves. The world has witnessed a long history of hunting and poaching wild animals, a practice that greatly reduces the population and disturbs the ecological equilibrium. Human beings are also suffering from unreasonable and excessive hunting behaviors as it is estimated that 70 percent of infectious diseases are from animals. Over 100 zoonotic disease has been found, including rabies, foot-and-mouth disease, tuberculosis, and avian influenza.


A large number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites spread when people hunt and slaughter animals and eat wildlife meat.


As the Chinese New Year approaches, this event sets off an alarm and we sincerely exhort not to eat wild animals for your safety.

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By / Wang Yanqing