Zhou Jinfeng On Ecological Civilization: How Should Urbanization Avoid Accelerating the Rapid Loss of Biodiversity? (III)
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So, we know that the protected area system is also an important measure used by countries around the world to protect biodiversity. Does the protected area perform its due function? We invest a large amount of funds every year and taxpayer's money for nature protection. How to give full play to the protection effect of these funds is also worthy of attention.


Here is an example from Zhou Jinfeng: In the past month, CBCGDF received a report from volunteers that Oriental storks could not find food and had difficulty finding food. CBCGDF made a special investigation and found that the Oriental storks did not go to the reserve to look for food in Tangshan, Hebei. What is the reason? CBCGDF investigators found that in Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Provincial Nature Reserve, fishponds in the core area were leased in large quantities, at 500-850 yuan / mu. It is not easy for birds to find food there. The contractors of fishponds are reluctant to let the birds to go to their fishponds foraging and used artillery to drive them.


For five years, researchers have been tracking an Oriental stork in the ring. Its migration route is an important migratory bird migration channel. Coastal wetlands are the most important energy supply station for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that pass this route every year. They pass by these gas stations then continue to travel south. However, CBCGDF found that from nearly 50,000 pieces of tracking data, especially more than 29,000 pieces of data in the past three years, it is obvious that this Oriental stork did not stop foraging in the traditional coastal wetlands in Hebei and Tianjin, but instead fishponds area outside the reserve. What happened to these wetland reserves?


Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main contradictions in Chinese society have been transformed into contradictions between the people's growing needs for a better life and imbalanced and inadequate development. So, how should we move towards ecological civilization and high-quality development?


Next, Zhou Jinfeng looked at how industrial civilization can destroy nature through "consumption alienation", and how to be vigilant against consumption alienation in development, so that the economy can achieve true green development and high-quality transformation.


Humans are a little too arrogant and ignorant now. For example, nowadays, "tourism and recreation" are being carried out everywhere. Wherever there are good forests, they are engaged in development and recreation. Everyone knows the "industrial development zone". There are a large number of industrial development zones on the coast, where houses are vacant. It was built, it also destroyed nature, and it was not used at all. This approach, indirectly, generates a lot of waste, which is the main reason for the loss of habitats that humans and all kinds of life depend on today. Like eco-tourism communities, it is a new trend and is being developed everywhere. In fact, the eco-tourism recreation industry is currently losing money. Excessive development has brought damage to nature, and the consequences are often irreversible, and it is also passed on to the entire society and human offspring. The cost of this entire ecological environment is shared by all mankind. The so-called "eco-tourism" communities are blooming everywhere. This is another new consumption trend, which is being carried out everywhere. Then, before these developments are carried out, they should be fully demonstrated, especially the environmental impact assessment.


In fact, this is alienated consumption and waste, which are not really in line with actual needs, and many of them are actually messing around. The power of capital promoted by industrial civilization is so great that more and more nature is destroyed in this way. In fact, there is no need to do so much. It is impossible to continue right this way.


In the era of ecological civilization, sustainable development is needed, and human survival, balance, and habitat protection are needed. We need legitimate and reasonable consumption, instead of irresponsibly establishing the pleasure of consumption based on damage to the ecological environment and habitats. Zhou Jinfeng pointed out that for industrial civilization to move towards ecological civilization, the alienation of consumption is the first issue that needs to be overcome. Therefore, the alienation of consumption should be opposed, to promote the comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources, advocate a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, consume on demand and avoid waste.


Later, Zhou Jinfeng also talked about how to protect biodiversity and achieve sustainable development through "nature-based solutions" (NbS) and "human-based solutions" (HbS).


Biodiversity conservation needs to be mainstreamed, it needs to be integrated into urbanization planning and all aspects of ecological civilization construction. Civil society should be encouraged to participate in biodiversity conservation; biodiversity education needs to be incorporated into the education of the younger generation, and children, adolescents, and school student groups are encouraged to work together to save humanity's habitat, the planet.

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