Where are the old clothes? Fate should not be garbage can | observation on waste classification in Beijing
2020/1/7 9:40:00 本站

In May 2020, Beijing will begin to implement the New Regulation on Beijing Waste Management. The impact of new waste classification regulation on people's production and lifestyle will be huge. Next, the CBCGDF will continue to launch a series of articles before the Beijing New Waste Classification Regulations were promulgated.


Recently, the Working Group of Reduce Plastics and Pick-up Plastics visited the streets and alleys and saw a scene like this: a pile of old clothes was stacked with a row of garbage cans in a community of Zhongguancun Street in Beijing. It was the morning of December 30.


There are five garbage cans, which are four “other garbage” cans and one “kitchen garbage” can. In one of the garbage cans, the words "Kezhu south district" are printed.


Next to the garbage cans, there is a bulletin board, which says, "actively participate in garbage classification and jointly protect our green earth." There are three types of garbage on the bulletin board: kitchen garbage, other garbage, and recyclable garbage. However, there are only two kinds of garbage cans that can be seen. The recyclable garbage cans are missing.


It was in the morning and the garbage cans had just been emptied. The person who throws away the old clothes hesitates, otherwise, he or she is more likely to throw the clothes directly into the garbage cans, rather than put those clothes on the lid.


So where is the missing "recyclable garbage can"?

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By / Li Xue