Like Not to Arrange a Unified Holiday for the New Year’s Day Holiday in 2020! Should Reduce Excess Extremes and Fill in Gaps to Reduce Alienation Consumption and Waste
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Yesterday was the New Year's Day of 2020 and we had one day off. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) is in favor of this practice as it effectively reduces consumption alienation and waste, easing the tenseness brought out by extensive entertainment activities.


Sightseeing on the holiday has evolved into the top choice for many people. The regulation of taking working days off is important to high-quality development. To promote the high-quality development of tourist resorts and meet people's requirements for taking holiday and entertainment should reduce centralized taking working days off. We should attach importance to "lower the peak and fill the valley" as it contributes to the sustainable utilization of ecological environment resources.


China used to implement the policy of combining short day-offs into a longer one, which increased the peak and lowered the bottom of vacation tourism. That means the majority of tourists are forced to travel during the unified national vacation. A large number of tourists traveling collectively raise a high requirement for transportation, hotel and other supporting facilities, including the infrastructure construction prepared for the "super tourism summit". These are all based on the great costs of ecological environment, tourist-unfriendly experience and non-rest time. For instance, visitors are usually stranded chocking on the highway. When they arrive at the scenic spots, what they have to endure are crowds of travelers. I am afraid it is not a pleasant experience.

From the perspective of ecological civilization, what we should do is to lower the peak and fill the valley, rather than to increase the gap between the peak and the valley.


To lower the peak and fill the valley means to alleviate the tension between human activities and nature by giving people the right to make decisions on their man activities, which may greatly improve the comfort and satisfaction of traveling. Therefore, tourists can shift their travel from peak to off-peak periods.


As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the principal contradiction facing Chinese society has evolved. What we now face is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. To lower the peak and fill the valley can effectively reduce the burden brought out by traveling in peak periods, thus better serving people's needs for a better life. People's traveling needs including but not limited to reunite with their parents, research historic culture, visit historic relic sites and enjoy the beautiful landscape, etc.


Why were we obsessed with enlarging the gap between the peak and the valley? Related departments are driven by achievements, including the tourism department who wish to submit a fruitful report. The reality is that we should be aware of any possible influence as it goes against the practice of eco civilization.


We believe that the shift of travel from peak to off-peak periods would not impair the performance of production, service sector, tourism, and consumption. After giving full play of the tourism value and travel efficiency, the load capacity of the quality, efficiency, and supporting facilities will be improved.


On the contrary, an increasing number of hotels and road needs to be constructed to meet the demand of tourists who swarm the same scenic spot during the peak periods of a year.


In other words, the demand created by misleading vacation arrangement promotes excessive waste and construction. For example, if you drive from Beijing to a northern city, you may note sparse cars on the road. The reason for building such a wide eight-lane road lies in relieving stress from traffic in festivals and national holidays.


It is a progress that we don't have off duty shift in this New Year national vacation. We suggest that the vacation arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival should also adopt the same model. We don't mean to deny every arrangement of off duty shift. What we advocate is a reasonable holiday arrangement to raise the degree of satisfaction and comfort for tourists as well as reduce unnecessary waste and cost to the ecological environment.

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By / Wang Yanqing