Zhou Jinfeng Represents a Thousand-Member Team Composed of the PhDs of the Chinese Academicians of Microbial Technology Industry and Signed Agreement with Huatang Tiannuo to Help Promote the Development of the Microbiology Technology Industry
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On December 21, 2019, the 17th China Enterprise Development Forum and the 4th China Business Environment Summit were held in Beijing. The summit includes more than 300 academicians, PhDs, experts and scholars, leaders of industry associations and well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad.


During the opening session at the Great Hall of the People, the Vice Chariman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Bioengineering, Ma Shuheng, Vice Mayor of Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nong Zhuosong, the enterprise representative of Guangxi Guigang Huatang Tiannuo Microbial Technology Co., Ltd, and the head of the thousand-member team of academician and PhDs from the Chinese microbial technology industry, also the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Dr. Zhou Jinfeng attended a signing ceremony. This ceremony is also the establishment ceremony of China Biotechnology Society (Guigang) Collaborative Innovation Center, the innovation-driven assistance project of China Association for Science and Technology.


As an important part of the Collaborative Innovation Center, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng signed an agreement with Wei Fenghua, the executive president of Guangxi Guigang Huatang Tiannuo Microbial Technology Co., Ltd. The establishment of this collaborative innovation center marks that Guangxi's Guigang has ushered in the first national scientific innovation center, and each participating member will carry out in-depth cooperation around the 16 scientific research topics of microbial technology industries. This initiative will vigorously promote a series of microbial technology industries and help promote the scientific sustainable and economic and social development of Guigang's.



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