Hu Deping: Whether Science and Technology Are Combined with Economic Construction and Productivity is an Important Issue
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On December 21, Hu Deping, former deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Secretary of the Party Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attended the “China Microbial Technology Industry Summit” co-sponsored by the China Enterprise News Group, and the People’s Government of Guigang City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and delivered a speech. The following is the original text based on the live speech:


Not long ago, we held two seminars for entrepreneurs, and now I will share with you. Capital is profit-seeking, and the market economy of social organizations is profit-seeking, but where do profits come from? I think it can only come from the products and services of the enterprise. The product only completed the thrilling jump if it was converted into currency. If the product and the market, as well as the efficiency, are not in the right direction and cannot jump, then what is broken is the product, the entrepreneur, and the enterprise. With the important thrill, not only is the product to be converted into currency, but also the current realization of our assets and the realization of the stock market have also made a thrilling jump. This is what Marx said in Capital, and I believe that. Therefore, the products and risks of entrepreneurs and enterprises and the values of entrepreneurs are accompanied for life. This viewpoint is for your reference.


So, what should we believe in scientific research and technology companies? We should believe that science and technology are productivity. The design, model and formula in scientific research are reflected in the laboratory and social practice production. If it is successful, this is an innovative invention of scientist technology. Some people think of this process as a process from scratch to one. So, entrepreneurs want to turn one into many. In this regard, at the theme summit of the research on the development of the microbial science and technology industry this time, science and technology went from zero to one, from nothing to existence, and the industry from existence to many, to achieve one to N transformation.


However, how did “science and technology be productivity” come up? I think it was put forward in the "Outline of the Report" in the "turmoil of the Cultural Revolution" and the destruction of the national economy. In actual work, including Deng Xiaoping, he reported the "Outline of Reporting" to Chairman Mao with enthusiasm. The second part of the "Outline of the Report" quoted a sentence that Mao Zedong once said was "science and technology are productivity." Mao Zedong said in the conversation that he did not remember saying this. Deng Xiaoping said that Marx also said such a thing. Mao Zedong's answer was I still can't remember myself. But it does not deny that it violates the Cultural Revolution, so if it is not supported, the problem of science will be covered up. In the future, when criticizing science and technology as productivity, comrades of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Social Sciences immediately turned to Marx's exposition. Among them, there are many intangible assets related to science and technology, including laborers and mental laborers. Finally, the original words recorded in the "Nie Rongzhen Chronicle" published in 1999 were: "On the afternoon of December 16, 1963, Nie Rongzhen reported to Mao Zedong and other central leaders on the" Outline of the Science and Technology Development Plan for 1963-1972 ". Mao Zedong said: To Fight this battle. Science and technology are productivity. In the past, superstructures were built to develop productivity. Without this battle, productivity cannot be improved. "And this day was the day that Marshal Luo Ronghuan passed away.


Our reform and opening up has reached an unprecedented stage, and science and technology have reached a higher level. So, should science and technology be closely integrated with economic construction? Should it be combined with productivity? The superstructure has done a lot of work, so what else do we need to do for productivity? For our scientists and entrepreneurs, whether they are general products or science and technology products, this is an extremely important issue.


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