Zhongwei City Actively Advocates and Encourages Volunteers to Participate in Wildlife Protection | CBCGDF's Proposal Accepted
2019/12/9 11:20:00 本站

Recently, the relevant leaders of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) introduced to the Zhongwei Municipal Government that CBCGDF’s wildlife protection volunteers actively carred out wild animal patrol and protection work in Zhongwei City and carried out a lot of work on biodiversity conservation. It is recommended that Zhongwei City can mobilize all social forces are involved in the protection of wildlife.


Although this proposal was made on November 16, it received a quick response from relevant leaders of Zhongwei City Government. On November 19, just two working days later, the local reward announcement and proposal for wildlife protection were released. In the proposal, the Zhongwei Natural Resources Bureau and the Forestry and Grass Bureau called on the public to understand the importance of protecting wildlife and maintaining ecological balance from the perspective of ideology to practical action. The notice clearly listed the focus of the report, multiple reporting methods, and rewards for reporting.


Thanks to the Zhongwei Municipal Government for seriously listening to the opinions and suggestions of social organizations and giving the public more opportunities to participate in local ecological environmental protection. CBCGDF praises Zhongwei's positive work style and prompt implementation!

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