Symposium on the Eco-civilization Construction for Yellow River Conservation Held in Beijing, Focused on Yangtze River Protection and High-Quality Development (1)
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Yellow River has been long worshiped as the mother river by the Chinese. The ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin are closely related to the great rejuvenation of the nation. The delegate of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to attend the symposium on the ecological civilization construction for Yellow River conservation which was held in Beijing on November 25. Guided by the spirit of the speech delivered by President Xi on the colloquium of Yellow River conservation and high-quality development this September 18, this event aims to establish the cooperative mechanism for further research on the construction of Yellow River Eco-civilization with the participation of heads of relevant departments and scholars. 


Heads of the Ministry of Ecological Environment made welcoming speeches at the opening ceremony.


The first keynote speech is given by Mr. WANG Jinnan, President of Environmental Planning of the Ministry of Ecological Environment. His speech was centered on the eco-environment space management for the Yellow River basin by elaborating on the reason and the feasible measures to achieve the goal.


Professor ZHANG Jinlaing from the Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. shared his thoughts on the major national strategy of Yellow River basin conservation and high quality development from three perspectives: the new opportunity to the Yellow River conservation, the planning route for the conservation and high-quality development, and the major initiatives to endure the conservation and development.


Mr. XIA Guang from the Ministry of Ecological Environmental made a keynote speech on accelerating the eco-civilization construction in downstream areas of Yellow River. He also put forward some suggestions by taking Shandong province as an example.


Professor ZHANG Zhiqiang of Beijing Forestry University shared his views on with the audience from the following aspects: the eco-environmental problems in Yellow River basin, how ecological restoration to influence water and sediment, great challenge in the process of ecological conservation and restoration, the conservation and restoration work for the upstream eco-system, midstream ecological restoration based on keeping the equilibrium of water and land, wetland conservation and restoration based on water saving and pollution control.


The last speech was made by Mr. ZHANG Boshan, Director of Yellow River Basin Ecological Environment Management Bureau affiliated with the Ministry of Ecological Environment. He offered suggestions on ecological conservation and water resource governance of the Yellow River basin. He elaborated on the eco-environment and economic and social importance of the River, his views on its ecological conservation and planning on eco-environment governance.

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