Zhou Jinfeng Delivered a Speech | Jiusan Society Zhengzhou University Committee and the School of Ecology and Environment Jointly Organized a High-Level Forum on Ecological Civilization
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On November 18, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), was invited to deliver a keynote speech themed with Ecological Civilization: Two Crises Faced by Human Beings and Human-based Solutions in the Zhengzhou University. The two crises are climate change and biodiversity loss. As one of the lectures of ecological civilization, the sharing won wide praise from students. After the lecture, the audience said they will pay more attention to environmental protection in daily life.


The Zhengzhou University Committee of Jiusan Society has been long committed to the promotion and practice of environmental protection and sustainable development. On November 14, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Civilization Development High-level Forum, organized by the Zhengzhou University Committee of Jiusan Society and co-hosted by the Law School and the School of Life Science, was convened in the conference hall of the School of Chemical Engineering and Energy. Dr. Zhou served as the main speaker. Fan Huifang (Deputy Director of the Zhengzhou University Committee of Jiusan Society), Chen Jingang (Deputy Secretary-General of the Committee), Lu Zhifeng (Director of GreenCentral China), heads of Community Conservation Areas in Henan Province and delegates of Dongqu branch of the Committee, faculty of the Law School attended the forum.


Dr. Zhou illustrated the two serious crises faced with us: climate change and biodiversity loss by introducing the background of Eco-civilization, the current situation of biodiversity loss and some practices made by CBCGDF like pangolin conservation, greening food delivery platform, the regulation of rubber running tracks in campus, the construction of Community Conservation Area (CCAfa), the initiative "Say No to Plastic Book covers". He explained President Xi's thoughts on Ecological Civilization as the wisdom with Chinese characteristics contributing to the advancement of society. The vivid and interesting lecture left a lasting impression on the audience, making people realize the importance of Eco-civilization thoughts and green development.


To protect the environment and ecology is the primary responsibility shared by everyone. The Zhengzhou University Committee of Jiusan Society has always borne in mind and made efforts to improve the governance of the environment, thus promoting the flow of green development and practicing President Xi's Ecological Civilization thoughts in reality.


(Photo credit: Jiusan Society Zhengzhou University Committee)

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By / Wang Yanqing