Zhou Jinfeng: Young People Need to Be More Active in Making A Difference During the Transition of the Old Civilization and the New One | CBCGDF Lecture Hall on Ecological Civilization
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On the evening of November 14, at the invitation of "forum of famous teachers and experts" of Zhengzhou University, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), made a special speech entitled "Ecological Civilization: the way for human beings to seek solutions to two crises" in Zhengzhou University. The lecture lasted nearly 2 hours. The students in the back row even stood and listened to the special lecture.


"What is the ecological civilization? Do you know when Xi Jinping's idea of ecological civilization was established? It was at the national ecological environment conference in May 2018, "Zhou Jinfeng said at the beginning of the speech. He said that although General Secretary Xi had mentioned it before at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and during his working period in Fujian, the formation of his theory had a process, but the final systematic was in 2018. And ecological civilization is not simply equal to the protection of the ecological environment. It is not a matter of the Ministry of ecological environment. Fundamentally speaking, it is an ecological concept, methodology and fundamental contribution to Marxist theory.


When Zhou Jinfeng explained the four stages of human civilization development, he drew an example, thinking that if the 4.5 billion years history is compressed into one day, then dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 10 minutes, and human beings have lived on the earth for less than 2 minutes since the earliest ancients were born three to four million years ago, "the extinction crisis and fear facing human beings today compared with dinosaurs, maybe human beings are not so lucky. Zhou Jinfeng believes that after experiencing primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, and industrial civilization, human beings all over the world are facing a new historical stage of transforming ecological civilization and practicing ecological civilization.


"The deterioration of the ecological environment, climate change, the great decline of species and the unsustainability of natural resources all require that human beings should not continue the previous industrial civilization, but we should follow the road of ecological civilization." Zhou Jinfeng took the deterioration of the earth's ecological environment as an example. In 2007, scientists found organic pollutants in the soil where Antarctic penguins live. As a rule, people can't go to Antarctica to make pollution. Where do these pollutants come from? The source of these organic pollutants is the organochlorine insecticides and brominated flame retardants made by human beings. These organic pollutants sprayed randomly by human beings all over the world finally reach Antarctica through air or ocean. Taking climate change as an example, people may think that one to two degrees of warming of the earth is nothing. But in fact, it is a critically important thing for human life and death. In recent years, Beijing is facing the challenge of two plague patients in Chaoyang Hospital. This infectious disease, which was rampant in Europe in the last century. It is related to climate change, the destruction of the ecological environment and the loss of biodiversity. This warming of the northern climate has created conditions for the recovery of the virus. If the polar ice continues to melt, many viruses may reappear, such as the Ebola virus and West Nile virus, that have appeared and been frozen in human history.


In his speech, Zhou Jinfeng took Greta Thunberg, a Swedish youth representative at the 2018 UN climate summit, as an example, to encourage young students to take active action to advocate and practice ecological civilization when the new and old civilizations alternate. Zhou Jinfeng's speech was simple and profound and won warm applause from all the people. At the end of the speech, Zhou Jinfeng had a heated discussion and interaction with the young teachers and students on-site about how to combine the ecological situation of Henan Province and implement the construction of ecological civilization.


The symposium was hosted by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, and organized by the school of ecological environment, the school of law and the committee of Zhengzhou University of 93 study group. This is also a stop in Zhou Jinfeng's series of lectures on ecological civilization in recent years after Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, New York University Shanghai, University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Duke Kunshan University.




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