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On November 3rd, 2019, the “2019 Climate and Health Communication Academic Seminar” supported by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was held at South-Central University for Nationalities. As a hot topic of global common concern, Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng shared his views and the work of the CBCGDF. Dr. Zhou’s keynote speech is as follows:


Nowadays, the problems caused by the climate begin to affect people’s daily life and the health of the earth and people. The combination of climate and health issues has sounded an alarm bell all over the world. Here, I want to share two ideas to you: one is the understanding of ecological civilization as the guiding ideology; the other is the role of the people in the spread of climate and health.


Greta Thunberg, the “princess of environmental protection” of Sweden, speaks bravely and let the whole world hear her voice. She uses one person’s power to draw the seriousness of the climate problem into the public’s vision and urges the government to formulate and modify laws, promote the spread of climate and ecological culture, which is worth learning.


In recent years, the environmental movement” Extinction Rebellion” has swept the West - organizing parades in 60 cities around the world in the hope that governments will declare a “climate and ecological emergency”. For these activities, we need to study and learn how to better improve our communication methods and achieve effective communication.


The CBCGDF has made great efforts and achieved some success in the dissemination of environmental issues.


For example, plastic book-covers. When we started the school year, our parents would always use the craft paper, old newspapers and old calendars to make book covers for us. Nowadays, however, most primary and secondary schools require students to use plastic book-covers during every school season. Every book of every child needs a plastic book-cover, which not only causes money expenditure but also if students and parents do not have the consciousness of recycling, they will throw away after using the covers, which will inevitably cause a large number of plastic garbage that is difficult to degrade, and cause great harm to the environment. The CBCGDF sent a letter to the Ministry of Education on this issue, suggesting that primary and secondary school students should stop using plastic book-covers. Through unremitting efforts, the four departments including the Ministry of Education recently issued the “Notice on Implementing Xi Jinping’s Idea of Ecological Civilization and Enhancing the Awareness of Ecological Environment in Primary and Secondary Schools”. This important document clearly stated that efforts should be made to achieve the plastic-free during the school season, requiring schools not to force students to use plastic book-covers. This is an important victory towards a green environment.


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