The Relevant Department Presented A Banner on Behalf of CBCGDF to Recognize the Pangolin Guardian | Proposed to Establish China Conservation Area for Pangolin at Chun’an
2019/9/10 14:26:00 本站

On August 13th, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) staff member was on a business trip went to the Fengshuling town of Chun’an County to conduct a research, on the previous mtter of the Dashu forestry station in Chun’an County received and released a healthy Chinese pangolin in the wild, for a field visit.


CBCGDF intends to establish a CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Pangolin at Chun'an (CCAfa) with local volunteers to promote the protection of local people and develop “civil scientists”. The Dashu forestry station in Chun'an County, on behalf of CBCGDF, presented a banner with the words “Beautiful China, Pangolin Guardian” written to the villager Mr. Wang who found the pangolin.


Since 2019, the Dashu forestry station of Chun’an County Forestry Bureau has carried out six publicity and education sessions in schools and villages; conducted law enforcement inspections on township health centers and local restaurants and acquisition places nine times; cracked down on illegal trade in wild animals and seized three sets of illegal hunting tools of iron frames and one set of bows; resolved four cases involving wild animals; rescued and released one national second-level protected animal pangolin in the wild; rescued three of other national second-level protected animals; rescued one national first-level protected animal black muntjac. On July 30th, released a wild giant salamander and a pangolin.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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