Hunan Satellite TV Broadcasted the Work of CBCGDF’s Rehabilitation Training of the Pangolins Rescued in Guangdong
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On September 1st, 2019, the Hunan TV station's cartoon channel broadcasted a section of the program on advocating the protection of pangolins aims to make more children be aware of the world's endangered species pangolin. On the day of the broadcast, the ratings of this program ranked first in the nation's ratings.


During the show’s production, due to the difficulty of finding the pangolins in the wild nowadays, the program cat to the pangolin rescue rehabilitation training center of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) which was established by the support of the Mayland Group. At the time, CBCGDF was invited by the Department of Wildlife Conservation of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration to participate in the rescue work of the live pangolins seized by the Customs on March 29th. In order to make these pangolins return to the wild as soon as possible, so that they can live independently in the wilderness environment, the pangolin working group of CBCGDF trained the surviving three live pangolins in the field.


At the time, CBCGDF's "pangolin girl" introduced the knowledge of the characteristics of pangolins to the filming team of the show, including their particular sensitivity, their sense of smell, their curling up into a ball when they were in danger and some public misunderstanding of pangolin’s certain functions. The "pangolin girl" also led the filming team to visit the pangolin "Always Sleep" that was seized by the customs. Although the CBCGDF pangolin working group's work received technical support from the Taipei Zoo, the African pangolin working group and the work is very cautious, but because the relevant departments did not allow wild release, the smallest pangolin "No Move" eventually died, unfortunately.


Pangolin is the guardian of the forest, maintaining the order of the ecosystem. Nowadays, the reasons why pangolins become extremely endangered species include: human production activities destroy the habitats of pangolins, greedy people's capture and illegal trade in pangolins, and opaque operations of aid agencies, etc. Let us reject all purchases and injures of pangolins. Pangolin protection starts with everybody, starts from small things.

(Photo credit: screen capture of the show)

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