After More Than 40 Phone Calls, Failed to Learn about the Current Situation of the Pangolin – The Pangolin in Linchuan, Fuzhou, How Are You?
2019/8/30 10:42:00 本站

Recently, volunteers referred a message to the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) that Fuzhou (Linchuan District) Chinese Public Security Bureau received a wounded Javan pangolin on August 16th, the staff of the CBCGDF immediately contacted relevant departments.


It is well known that pangolins have a low survival rate under artificial conditions due to their biological habits. Staffs of CBCGDF are all worried about the status of pangolins.


After many contacts, the CBCGDF’s staffs received accurate information from the director of the Wildlife Management Station of Linchuan Forestry Bureau, saying that the Javan pangolin has been sent to the rescue station and is under treatment. Besides, the Wildlife Station has not disclosed any more relevant information to the staffs. Later, the CBCGDF sought confirmation from Fuzhou Forestry Bureau, Yichun Forestry Bureau at all levels, public security system as well as the media, but no more useful clues were obtained.


Ten days have passed since then, and the staff is very worried about the pangolin. Therefore, the CBCGDF have to contact Linchuan Forestry Bureau again. The relevant leaders of the forestry bureau responded that pangolins have been treated and helped by professionals.


CBCGDF’s staffs will continue to follow up on this pangolin.

(Photo credit: Fuzhou Daily)

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By / Xue Tongtong