The Rescue is Not for Breeding and Utilization, but For the Recovery of Wild Populations | The Symposium to Change the Fate of Pangolins (VII)
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Concerning the high mortality rate in pangolin rescue, it was also the focus of the participants in the symposium’s discussion on the pangolin rescue in the afternoon of August 2. Some expert said that the current rescue and rehabilitation results are still not ideal, and the personal rescuing survival rate is only 20% to 30%. In this regard, while recognizing the importance and necessity of rescue in the close-to-natural environment, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) further emphasized that the rescue of pangolins should not be used for breeding and population reproduction.


The Secretary-General of CBCGDF Dr. Zhou Jinfeng said, “The current success rate of rescue is not as imaginary (good), can be studied from an individual perspective. But why not carry out scale-up rescues, indoor rescue and rescue in the wild, the state of pangolins is completely different, and the survival rate in the wild is much higher than the indoor rescue on the same individual.”


CBCGDF believes that a recovery of wild populations and protection mechanisms in the wild after field release should be established and work in this area should be a priority. At the current stage, the purpose of any rescues and introductions should not be for breeding and utilization, but for the recovery of wild populations.

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