CBCGDF: The Close-to-Nature Environment Rescue is Not Equal to the Release in the Wild; Extensive International Cooperation is Very Important | the Symposium to Change the Fate of Pangolins (VI)
2019/8/15 15:08:00 本站

On the afternoon of August 2, some participant at the symposium on the rescue of pangolins suggested that if some of the injured pangolins are released into the wild without being rescued and not recovered, it is not necessarily a good thing. This view is a rebuttal to China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)’s close-to-nature environment rescue. For this point of view, CBCGDF representative said: This is a stealing concept. We didn’t ask for direct release to the wild, but to emphasize the rescue of near-field conditions. CBCGDF emphasizes the way of rescue, focusing on how to save, rather than focusing on the release in the wild.


In response to the participant’s suggestion that the rescue of pangolins should include experts in animal behavior, ecology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, reproductive biology, physiology, etc., through the team of experts to strengthen scientific and technological rescues, CBCGDF representative said that in addition to multidisciplinary collaboration, there is also a need for extensive international cooperation. CBCGDF's rescue for pangolins includes the participation of domestic experts from Guangdong, Taiwan and other places, as well as foreign experts from Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa. “Every time we do CT for pangolins, we will send an electronic version to the experts for analysis. The pangolin’s rescue is not only a multidisciplinary collaboration, but also an international and domestic collaboration.”

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