The Rescue Close to the Natural Environment: Not Only Refers to the Expansion of the Cage’s Volume and Other Animal Welfare | The Symposium to Change the Fate of Pangolins (V)
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At the symposium on the protection and rescue of pangolin held on the afternoon of August 2, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) further discussed the concept of close-to-natural environmental rescue of pangolins with participants.


CBCGDF pointed out that the close-to-nature environment of rescue does not simply mean the concept of animal welfare, such as simply placing it in a semi-wild environment or expanding the volume of the cage. Of course, animal welfare is also very important, but in combination with the practice of CBCGDF, the rescue in the near-field environment of pangolins also includes the following contents: First, refers to food. For example, CBCGDF chose more than ten different ants and ant nests during the rescue process, including ant nests with young eggs that were specially sought by a caring enterprise from Yunnan Province. Another aspect is the study of the setting of the close-to-natural environment. CBCGDF made CT, X-ray and B super for pangolins and found that in addition to the elements obtained from ants, there are other substances in their stomachs, and it was thus possible to infer that microorganisms obtained from dead wood and soil contribute to the pangolins’ digestion and that there was a presence in the absorption of related nutrients.


CBCGDF stressed at the meeting that the close-to-natural environment rescue conditions are not to expand the volume of cages, or other animal welfare, but also to consider the pangolin diet and health-related trace elements and so on.


"The main cause of death for pangolins is environmental problems. The few pangolins found in Yunnan are dead in an artificial environment and can survive in the wild. This is factual, videotaped, and informative. In this case, if it is still necessary to rescue in the artificial environment for a period of time, then this period of time may lead to the death of pangolins, or even the majority of deaths, and the survival may be a strong individual is able to bear the artificial environment. This is not a real rescue. We strongly recommend establishing a comprehensive and integrated approach to rescue and emphasizing the means of rescue in the close-to-nature environment in the early days of rescue. We can carry out pilot comparisons. The final result will be obvious, which will greatly improve the survival rate during the pangolins rescue," CBCGDF said.

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