"Love of Fireflies" Started Filming, Co-Produced by CBCGDF: Conserving Biodiversity and Sharing Life Stories
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Recently, everyone's awaited movie “Love of Fireflies” was official starts filming. As the co-production organization, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) representative attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. We hope that this movie will further spread the spirit of environmental protection, promote environmental protection concepts, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, and enhance the environmental quality of all people.


The following is the speech content, now shares with everybody.


Dear guests,


Good morning! I am honored to be on behalf of Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) to congratulate on the official starting filming the movie “Love of Fireflies” and take this opportunity to share CBCGDF’s stories with you.


Not long ago, a volunteer reported to us that a firefly exhibition was being held in the Marine Park in Linfen, Shanxi Province. The volunteer and we were all surprised. At first, we could hardly believe it. After all, environmentalists have repeatedly and publicly called for banning all kinds of firefly exhibitions in recent years. Unexpectedly, some organizations still came to Linfen Marine park to hold such an exhibition. This makes us realize that there is still a long way to go for wildlife protection.


The movie “Love of Fireflies”’ filming is at the right time. Through the production of the species protection theme and the edification and infection of art, further spread the spirit of environmental protection, publicize the concept of environmental protection, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, and improve the quality of environmental protection of all people. We have many volunteers and specialized teams to promote firefly protection. They carry out protection work through surveys, secret visits, and patrols all around the world. They have a wealth of site survey materials. To build the film and television culture in the era of ecological civilization, I think we can take the lead.


President Xi said that "building an ecological civilization is fundamental to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. We want clear waters and green mountains as well as mountains of gold and silver. We need to protect the environment like we protect our eyes." If the agricultural civilization is a "yellow civilization" and the industrial civilization is a "black civilization", then the ecological civilization is a "green civilization".


Sustainable development is the inherent requirement of ecological civilization. Biodiversity conservation is the core of ecological civilization. To take a very typical example, the story of Easter Island. Easter Island is a famous island in the south Pacific, with more than 600 stone statues scattered along the coast. According to archaeology, Easter island was a lush, vibrant and prosperous place during the Polynesian Culture. However, with the over-exploitation and destruction of the nature caused by the population growth, the ecological environment on the island suffered irreparable damage. By the 15th century, the forests on Easter island had all disappeared, animal groups had undergone dramatic changes and all land-birds, and more than half of seabird species are extinct. Finally, human civilization disappeared.


If we continue to take as we did in the industrial civilization. As we did with fireflies, not only captured them from the wild for commercial use but also destroyed their habitats through destructive development, caused the mass death of its population. Then, we will follow in the footsteps of Easter island. Since the establishment in 1985, the CBCGDF has been engaged in biodiversity conservation and green development. With so many negative examples like Easter island, we urgently need to make more changes.


“Love of Fireflies” is a movie about the green hills and clear waters from the perspective of species. The green hills and clear waters connect our expectations for a good life. Now, our ecological civilization is developing rapidly, and more and more people are working with us to protect species. For example, the re-emergence of endangered species in Tianjin, Libellula Angelina, is a kind of dragonfly. Under the joint promotion of volunteers and the CBCGDF, the local government has taken action to protect the habitat of Libellula Angelina. People are constantly awakening, realizing the impact of their actions on nature and ecology, and more and more people and organizations are actively joining us by our constant appeal. This film is the same, it will awaken more people, guard with fireflies, protect beautiful lives and biodiversity!


At last, on behalf of CBCGDF and the volunteers who are running all over the country, we wish the movie "Love of Fireflies” a successful start and smooth filming. Thank you!



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By / Zheng Nanyu