Nanhui Responded to “Planting Trees in Wetlands” Problem and was Questioned by the Volunteers: It is a Fact that Wetlands Damage Caused by Afforestation, what about the Migratory Birds in Autumn and Winter this Year?
2019/7/25 15:10:00 本站

Several local avian volunteers in Nanhui were not satisfied with the explanation given by the authorities in Shanghai on July 17th regarding the wetlands damage caused by afforestation problem of Nanhui Dongtan area. The volunteers reflected the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) that they hoped the relevant parties would further enhance their understanding of wetland ecosystem and make meaningful actions to protect this rare wetland in the future.


For example, an avian volunteer commented on the article called “‘Planting Trees in Wetlands’ Problem get Responded, Shanghai Nanhui New Town —— Scientific Planning to Solve the Relationship Between Urban Development and Ecological Protection”, the volunteer said that at present, the local government still has insufficient understanding of wetlands damage caused by afforestation problem in Nanhui Dongtan wetland. The abundant bird resources in Nanhui Dongtan and its geographical and ecological location of the important nodes of migratory birds are extremely important. What positive measures have been taken by the local government (including the relevant departments in Shanghai)? In the future, the government departments concerned are expected to have a clear attitude, whether they hope to provide the protection or to let those birds survive on their own. “It's summertime now, and in a few months, it will be the migratory season in autumn and winter. Now wetlands damage caused by afforestation problem has already become the fact. What will the migratory birds do in autumn and winter this year? How big will the impact be? ......", the volunteer expressed great concern on this topic.


It has been a long time since experts should be invited to demonstrate the harmonious development of ecology and urban construction, but which experts were invited in the end? What arguments have been made? And when will the results come out?" Volunteers hope that the local experts in Nanhui Dongtan should be involved in wetland protection. All experts should not only follow the government's decision-making but also should provide the basis for scientific decision-making.


Volunteers who have paid close attention to Nanhui Dongtan Wetland are expecting the CBCGDF to send a representative to Shanghai to investigate the status of afforestation problem in Nanhui Dongtan Wetland as well as the current scale of reed wetland retreat.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Xue Tongtong