Hong Kong Cable TV Reported on China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Rescue and Rehabilitation Training for Pangolins, and the Viewing Was Considerable | CBCGDF “Pangolin Girl” was Interviewed
2019/7/21 17:25:00 本站

On 10th July, a report titled " Taking care of pangolins around the clock, to return them to nature " was broadcast on Hong Kong cable TV. According to a letter from volunteers, the online report has been viewed by more than 35,000 people.


The foreword of this report said:


In March this year, when China Customs uncovered a case of smuggling between China and Vietnam, 21 living pangolins were seized and four of them were handed over to the care of non-governmental organizations. Two of them were called "last night" and " always sleep ".


It's not easy to take care of the pangolins. Sophia, the pangolin rescue worker, not only checks their bodies and leaning equipment regularly but also prepares fresh food for the two anteaters every day. Even when she eats, she watches their every act and every move through Internet TV.


Beginning in May, Sophia conducted a series of wild training for "Last Night" and "always sleep" to re-adapt nature. At present, these two pangolins have completed wild training and can return to nature at any time, but the official pointed out that Malayan pangolins are alien species and cannot be released in the Mainland.

Original Chinese article:


By / Zheng Nanyu