Strengthening International Exchanges and Cooperation: Nigerian Student James Joins CBCGDF to Complete Graduation Project on Pangolins
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On July 7th, Professor Luan Xiaofeng from the School of Nature Conservation of Beijing Forestry University came to China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) with James, a Ph.D. student from Nigeria, hopes that James will have the opportunity to participate in the CBCGDF’s work of pangolins protection.


James is a university lecturer in Nigeria. He has also worked with local NGOs related to wildlife conservation in Nigeria. He has a keen interest in issues related to wildlife trade. At present, he has been a Ph.D. student at Beijing Forestry University and has entered the second grade. He intends to conduct research on graduation project with the "Illegal International Trade in Wild Animals", specifically targeting pangolins and ivory.


CBCGDF welcomed the arrival of Prof. Luan and James. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF personally welcomed and learned more about James and also examined in detail the research plan James had developed for his thesis. He welcomed the arrangement of James to stay in CBCGDF for internships and part-time studies to complete his graduation project. Dr. Zhou said that in combating illegal wildlife trade, CBCGDF has many opportunities to cooperate with countries in Africa and has well-established background information and specific data to support James' research. At the same time, CBCGDF has extensive experience in supporting foreign students studying in China. CBCGDF is willing to provide the best resources to help James achieve his wishes and complete his project.


Prof. Lucan is a long-time CBCGDF effort to protect pangolins. He agreed with the CBCGDF arrangement and asked James to regard Dr. Zhou as the second mentor.


Professor Luan has long admired CBCGDF’s efforts to protect pangolins. He agreed with the CBCGDF’s arrangement and asked James to regard Dr. Zhou as his second mentor.


During the meeting, Dr. Zhou also shared the story on the establishment of the CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Libellula Angelina (Scientific Name: Libellula angelina Selys) at Tianjin (CCAfa) with Prof. Luan and James. Prof. Luan mentioned the study of Conservation Areas is his personal interest and unfortunately there hasn’t got any specific projects and funding in this area. After listening to the story about the CCAfa site, he expressed that he believes this site is a pioneering initiative to protect the wildlife habitats. He is willing to incorporate CBCGDF CCAfa system into his research field and record this remarkable achievement so that more people can be shared about the success of this civil society’s protection approach.

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