When First Met You, You Are Endangered | A CBCGDF Newcomer’s Mental Journey About Pangolins
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I am a newcomer of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). Before that, the image of pangolin came from the original meaning. The imagined pangolin should be a small warrior who can pierce holes. Because of its agility, the "move in and out with wizardly elusiveness". But probably because it is rare, there is some unknown fear of pangolins in my heart, always feel that it may also be more ferocious. However, according to a series of reports and other relevant data from the CBCGDF on pangolins, they are shy, timid and eager to be free. At present, there are only eight species left, and they are in danger. As early as October 2016, it was included in the Red List of Threatened Species and the Washington Convention (CITES) and was listed into IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


Recently, I watched a documentary about snakes, so I was amazed at their strong survival ability. Some of them can survive in extreme cold, some in the arid desert, some in water, and even in soil, almost everywhere. And many snakes can without eating or drinking last a year, but still, survive, and more than 3,000 snakes have been found today.


Compared with the huge number of snakes and the strong survival ability, the survival status of pangolins is very worrying. It is called that Yangtze river dolphin, known as "the goddess of the Yangtze River", is Critically Endangered animal. In 1980, researchers rescued Yangtze river dolphin and survived under artificial conditions for 22 years. During this period, the staff kept looking for partners for “Qiqi” and fortunately found “Zhenzhen”. Happily accompanied each other for a period of time. According to Liu Renjun, an expert on Yangtze river dolphin, "Zhenzhen" died of interstitial pneumonia. After that, "Qi Qi" made a sad voice every day and looked for "Zhenzhen" everywhere. After six months, the mood of "Qi Qi" slowly calmed down. Since then, researchers have never been able to find a companion for "Qi Qi", or even the trace of Yangtze river dolphin. "Qi Qi" left the world of almost no companion until 2002, but it left great scientific research value for mankind. Nowadays, experts on Yangtze river dolphin are especially grateful for the great contribution made by "Qi Qi" to human beings.


There is a kind of bird living in Kauai Island, Hawaii. They have only one companion in their lifetime. They are successful in courtship by means of male song and female response. But now, only the last male bird is left, waiting for the echo and it will continue to the song until the end of its life, although its waiting cannot be responded.


For the extinct Javan tigers, the passenger pigeons, thylacine, Bufo periglenes and endangered species in the world today, human beings feel sad and regretful. What they do not want future generations to see is only the image on the picture, hoping that humans and various small animals will live together.


For a long time, pangolin scales can be used as medicines, a superstition that eating wildlife can be healthy for their body and pangolins are expensive, it leads to pangolin being arrested, sold and smuggled, so it is now in danger.


There is a dynamic balance in the biosphere. When the ecological balance is broken, due to a series of chain reactions, how the ecosystem will eventually evolve is unpredictable for human beings. What comes first-accident or tomorrow? We do not know. Though, What we are sure of is that consistent efforts can bring a better tomorrow for all life. In Lin Yutang's Enjoyment of Nature, he said, "Among the innumerable creatures on this planet, all plants can't express any attitude toward nature, and all animals have almost no attitude toward nature." However, there is a kind of animal called human beings in the world, which sometimes coordinates, conquers, controls and utilizes nature.


Now pangolins are in a state of urgent need of help and rescue. It's precise because human production activities seriously threaten their survival. So it's incumbent on humans to protect endangered pangolins.


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