The Pangolin Girl Thanks All the Help with the Javan Pangolin “Always Sleep” and “Last Night” Rescue and Rehabilitation Working
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On April 18th, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited by the Wildlife Department of the State Forestry and Prairie Bureau to participate in "Guardian 2019" —— the special campaign against smuggling of endangered species. The follow-up work on the remaining 3 living pangolins "No Move", "Always Sleep" and "Last Night" from the 21 living pangolins received in Guangdong was completed by the rescue and rehabilitation wilderness working group of the rescue and rehabilitation wilderness center of the CBCGDF. The CBCGDF expressed its gratitude to the Wildlife Department of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration and the Forestry Bureau of Guangdong Province for their support, trust, and affirmation. However, there has been no progress since it was scheduled to hold a demonstration Conference on wild release of Malay Pangolin in May and then changed to June. Under the reality that a lot of pangolins (thousands of them) have died in various places in Guangxi over the years, we are resolutely opposed to captivity. Because of the two-month delay, it has caused "No Move" to die on June 1st. The relevant departments still do not allow us to release in the wild. The Guangdong Wildlife Rescue Center has taken away "Always Sleep" and "Last Night" on the evening of July 3.


In this Javan pangolin rescue work, pangolin girl expressed the gratitude to pAlexis Kriel, director of the African Pangolin Working Group for support in scientific care; Lisa, the founder of Tikki hywood Foundation in Zimbabwe; Thai Nguyen, SVW pangolin protection expert in Vietnam; Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji, from Nigerian Pangolin Protection Association and the Chairman of the Nigerian Pangolin Protection Working Group (PCWGN); Dan, Chairman of the IUCN Pangolin Expert Group; Dr. Sonja Luz, WRS Pangolin Protection Specialist, Singapore Wildlife Conservation; EcoHealth Alliance; Zhu Shaohe, the Director of the China Peking Research Center; Meng Rou, Taiwan Wild Bay Animal Management Association veterinarian; Dr. Sun Jingmin, Taiwan Pingtung University of Science and Technology; Yu Zhenfang from Taipei Zoo; Yin Zhijuan, the CBCGDF’s Asia Special Fund China Veterinary Trainer Deputy Leader; Dr. Sara Platto, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Studies at Jianghan University; Professor Tong Yigang, the College of Life Science and Technology of the University of Chemical Technology; Dean Wu Zijun, from Guangzhou Lide Animal Hospital; the veterinarians Li Zexian and Mai Jiaxun; Yang Lijiang, the secretary of the College of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural University, and students Wang Xingwu, Li Yangyang, Zhu Yifei, Yang Bingbing and Feng Wanyi.


Also, including the colleagues from the CBCGDF: Zhou Jinfeng, Yang Xiaohong, Ye Zi, Li Xue, Tang Ling, Wang Yanqing, Linda, Wang Jing, Zhang Xinyue, Wang Mingrui, Li Ling, Yang Ruixi; Guangzhou Institute of Biological Resources Animal Research, Merrill Lynch's Soviet Research Institute and its oil tea company provided the food, and three security guards provide site and logistical support.


The special thanks to Chen Ziwei, who quit her job to become a 24-hour caregiver, and Hu Dongxu, a 24-hour online aid student in the United States, and media coverage of the Southern Metropolis Daily, Nanfang Daily, Beijing News, Guangdong public channels, etc.


Wish “Always Sleep” and “Last Night” safe and healthy.

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By / Xue Tongtong