CBCGDF "World Pangolin Day, Chinese Children in Action" Advocacy Events Series at School
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2019 is the year of justifications for pangolins. CBCGDF has always been focusing on protecting and advocating to protect the endangered species pangolins. As one of the activities series for World Pangolin Day, CBCGDF went to a kindergarten in Beijing with pangolins models and became good friends with the children on February 18. We spent a pleasant and profound day with more than 120 children in the kindergarten together. This is also one of the advocacy events series at schools. Teachers and students in the Kindergarten have done a lot of preparatory work for this activity.


The teacher from CBCGDF said pangolin is class 2 national protected animal. Through the introduction of the "mysterious" specialty of pangolin, cooperation with pangolins to escape from the lion, a show of how pangolins playing with clay, interesting details of pangolins’ walking and so on, the teacher explained the popular science knowledge of pangolin as a species to the kids in detail and compared the baby pangolins with human babies. This made children feel closer to pangolins, aroused each child’s awareness of feeling close to the nature and loving for animals, and planted the seeds for protecting wildlife in the heart of the children.


The teacher introduced the amazing tongue of the pangolin to kids.


The teacher illustrated the eight main species of pangolin in Asia and Africa to children with a globe.


With a short video, a short film and cute animated pictures to hold children's attention and coupled with vivid and easy explanation, this class is very fascinating. Students became very interested in pangolin, a magical and lovely but endangered animal in danger. In a cheerful atmosphere, children learned about the characteristics, species, survival status and reasons for the endangered status of pangolins. This aroused their awareness of protecting pangolin. There was knowledge expansion in the class, too. The teacher asked the children to identify and name many other endangered animals. The students thought carefully and actively answered questions in the class. The depth and breadth of the answers reflected the excellent knowledge in children’s minds despite their young age.


Many children draw pangolins on paper from the unique perspective of children with stories telling us that we should be in harmony with pangolins and no harm no trading.


Children performed the story of pangolin "jiazai"

Biodiversity conservation directly affects the sustainable development of human society. In recent years, CBCGDF actively took part in the protection of endangered species pangolins and justifications for pangolins. CBCGDF paid particular attention to the dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of awareness of the next generation on wildlife conservation. Let more people understand and protect pangolins and let children hold the umbrella for "forest guardians". Only after more and more people participate in the work and a general consensus and good atmosphere is formed in society, can pangolins be effectively protected.









(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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