2019 World Pangolin Day | CBCGDF Pangolins Protection Series of Work: Green Kids into Kindergarten Education Activity in Preparation
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In order to promote the EIGHTH annual World Pangolin Day which is celebrated on 16 February 2019, CBCGDF carried out a pangolin protection publicity and education activity in the third kindergarten of Zhongguancun. On the morning of February 15, CBCGDF staff held a preparatory meeting to closely prepare and deploy the details and preparation of educational equipment.


To celebrate the arrival of the 2019 World Pangolin Day, CBCGDF will do the following work in the near future:


1.    To promote the removing pangolins from "Pharmacopoeia Chinensis" and stop medicinal use. Recently, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF has contacted relevant departments and expressed this demand in person;

2.    To carry out education on ecological civilization and promote the public awareness. Soon, CBCGDF will enter the kindergarten to educate children on the protection of endangered species pangolins;

3.    To publish an annual report on "2018 A Year of Counting Pangolins";

4.    To carry out scientific research sampling work. In this regard, it has received strong support from the Jiangxi Provincial Wildlife Protection Bureau; the excrement, shedding, scales, etc. of pangolins will be sampled, and genetic testing research will be carried out soon;

5.    Work with local civil communities to establish a new “China Conservation Area for pangolins” (CCAfa), which will be the 8th CCAfa site for protecting pangolins.

6.    To promote the removal of pangolin prolactin products.


In 2019, CBCGDF will host a series of events calling for the protection of pangolin around the theme of Justification for Pangolins, welcome your attention, participation, sharing and support.


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(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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