CBCGDF's 6 Activities to Welcome 2019 World Pangolin Day
2019/2/15 19:35:00 本站

To save the world's most trafficked mammals, CBCGDF is carrying out following events around the World Pangolin Day 2019:


(1) To promote the removal of pangolin scales from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Yesterday, our Secretary-General was invited to visit relevant departments and expressed this request face-to-face. Although it's a long and bumpy road, we believe we'll finally get there; 


(2) Education and awareness promotion. Next Monday (Feb 18th, 2019), my colleagues will go to Beijing kindergartens to teach kids about these endangered pangolin species. We have rehearsed again today, and we believe that this will serve as an environmental education lecture that those 120 children will never forget in their life.


(3) An annual report of "Counting Pangolins" will be released; 


(4) Starting scientific research and sampling, which has been strongly supported by Jiangxi Wildlife Protection Bureau. They found new evidence of Chinese pangolins and invited us to sample. My colleague is already on the way to Jiangxi province to get fresh samples of those pangolins (excreta, exfoliate, etc.), and genetic testing will be carried out soon after.


(5) Cooperate with local communities to establish a new Community Conservation Area for Pangolins there, which will be the 8th protected area for pangolins.


(6) Continue our consistent initiative of "Say No to Pangolin Consumption" to nursing moms and doctors. The initiative was launched in 2016; we'll continue this efforts to push pangolin-related lactation products off shelves.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

By / Linda (v10@cbcgdf.org)