CBCGDF asks Customs for Information Disclosure on 2,578 Pangolins: Administrative Reconsideration Received from General Administration Customs
2019/2/11 14:16:00 本站

On Dec 19, 2018, Guangxi's Nanning Customs declared at a news conference: "Nanning Customs has been confiscated whole bodies of 2,578 pangolins since 2016." Then CBCGDF asked for disclosure information shortly after. Application for disclosure include: species of those 2,578 pangolins, sources (e.g. entry from Vietnam or other countries?), status at the time of seizure (e.g. dead, injured, healthy, etc.?), and disposal methods (transfer to forestry department or other ways?)...


On Jan 7, 2019, we received a refusal from Nanning Customs, replying that the related information belongs to their internal management and procedural information, and involved with criminal charges, which cannot disclose.


On Jan 16, CBCGDF submitted administrative reconsideration to the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, asking for 1) Revoke the Nanning Customs response in accordance with the law; 2) Order the Nanning Customs to respond in accordance with the law within the legal time limit and to make public the government information submitted by the applicant.


On Jan 25, we received a notice of acceptance of the application for administrative reconsideration from the General Administration of the national Customs.


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