CBCDGF volunteer discovered the man who poisoned migratory birds and cooperated with forest public security to catch the man
2019/1/27 14:48:00 本站

It happened in a protected area in Fengqiu county, Henan Province.


Recently, CBCGDF "China great bustard conservation area" volunteers, Song Yujie, Song Keming Director, etc. found clues with the help of local volunteers while in patrol. It is reported that a person has thrown toxic grain day after day - toxic corn, toxic sorghum, toxic wheat and so on – scattered them in the habitat pond for gray crane and other birds.


This phenomenon has lasted for several days, according to the informant.


On January 21st, local volunteers went there again and investigated from the outside. At the same time, they called the police and cooperated with them to do the investigation. The suspect went to throw toxic grain to the scene again that and was caught.


The man has been taken away by the forest police bureau in Fengqiu county for investigation. A dozen kilos of carbofuran were also found at his home. Volunteers sighed: many lives have been killed!


The rapid decline of biodiversity is one of the global challenges in the 21st century and the only project on the United Nations millennium development goals (MDGs) that China failed to pass in 2010-2015. Now, as the deterioration of the environment and climate, this kind of challenge is more and more serious.


CBCGDF has always believed that public participation is a truly effective way. Along the Yellow River, a large number of migratory birds (including the rare and endangered great bustard that once recorded in the Book of Songs " bustard feather gathered in bract spine") come to roost here every year. The protection patrol by volunteers really plays an effective role in escorting migratory birds and filling in the gaps in the existing national system of protected land. Again, hats off to the hard-working, loving volunteers!






(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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