CCTV reports on CBCGDF volunteer’s effort in cracking down selling of wildlife | Celebrating Spring Festival without Mourning for Wildlife Animals
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The Chinese New Year is a time when people enjoy gourmet and holiday time and be overwhelmed with happiness. However, the happiness of human beings during the Spring Festival is actually threatening the living of wildlife animals.


The following picture shows the daily routines of for the CBCGDF volunteers and the Patrolling League in Heilongjiang Province for preventing eagle hunting and protecting other wildlife animals.


The following video has recorded the hunting and killing of wildlife animals for sale witnessed by CBCGDF volunteers on the spot as they patrolled the area:


This is actually not the first time for CBCGDF volunteers to witness and report such an issue. Back in the Spring Festival in 2018, a secret investigation team on special issues which is made up of CBCGDF volunteers and a local volunteer team for wildlife protection in Suihua (a city in southwest Heilongjiang Province), as well as relevant journalists, conducted secret investigation activities across local areas of Heilongjiang Province, including Xiaobai Forestry Centre in Tieli City, Shanghulan Forestry Centre in Taoshan, the Divine Tree Forestry Centre and the Lang County Forestry Centre. In this process, members of the investigation team have successfully rescued the baby Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) to be sold a game. Luckily, the baby bear has evaded from a fatal destiny, even though its families had already been shot to death by poachers. Therefore, in order to call for the protection of Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) and express high appreciation toward volunteers dedicated to this cause, CBCGDF has decided to designate 17th January, the day when the baby bear was rescued, as the Asiatic Black Bear Protection Day.


As the upcoming of the 2019 Spring Festival, demand for wildlife animals increases again in satisfaction of people’s appetite. For this reason, the Patrolling League in Heilongjiang Province for preventing eagle hunting and protection of other wildlife animals and the Volunteer Team for wildlife protection in Suihua has worked harder in patrolling the local areas. Therefore, CBCGDF would like to urge all of you not to satisfy your appetite at the expense of the living of the wildlife animals, or breaching of the criminal law.


Cracking Down Wildlife Poaching! As Spring Festival Approaches, Wildlife Hunting and Selling Increases

Informed by volunteers dedicated to environmental protection, the journalist found public selling of wildlife animals in a specialty shop located in a small town of Harbin City, including pheasants, wild ducks, and hares.


Disguised with the fake identity as wildlife buyers, the journalist and the volunteer immediately visited the shop and made a secret investigation. Owner of the shop claimed to have various species of wildlife animals and instantly took out four hazel grouses, one of China’s second-class protected animal species, and many other wild animals.

The local Forestry Public Security has immediately sent police to the spot and closed down the shop after receiving the report by the volunteer. There was in total 317 frozen bodies of wildlife animals stored in the refrigerator, including Eurasian Jay, pheasant, wild duck and Dusky Thrush among many other species. The police have arrested the criminal suspects and further investigation is to be conducted.


In effect, severe punishment concerning illegal hunting and killing of wild animals under the state's key protection has been explicitly specified in article 341 of China's criminal law. However, the journalist has found that as the approaching of Chinese New Year, cases of selling wild animals as a specialty are increasing across forested areas. The law-enforcing department and consumers should pay intense attention to disruptive actions concerning forest resources, and make moves to cut off sources and channels for selling of wildlife animals.





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