Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Department Responded to CBCGDF's Pangolin Information Disclosure Application, requesting a Delay of 15 More Days to Process
2019/1/22 17:23:00 本站

Today, we received an official reply from Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Department, indicating a delay of 15 more working days in response to our Pangolin-related information disclosure request.


To investigate data on pangolins (e.g. confiscated live pangolins, smuggled scales, usages, utilization certificates issued by their governments, etc.), the CBCGDF has sent applications for Pangolin information disclosure to nearly 30 provinces in China by Dec 2018. Up to now, about 20 provinces have responded in the form of official letters or phone calls. Sichuan's forestry authorities (in charge of the province's wildlife management) responded today, saying that it needs 15 days more to reply.


China is making huge progress in environmental governance in recent years. For example, the country's Government Information Disclosure Regulations was initiated in 2007, in order to guarantee citizens, legal persons and other organizations to obtain government information according to law, and to improve the transparency of governance.


And the newly revised China Environmental Protection Law (2015) entitled eligible NGOs to sue environmental violators on behalf of public interest. According to the Law's article 2, the definition of Environment includes "Wildlife". Now we're innovatively trying to protect the world's most trafficked mammals using these legal instruments.




(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

By / Ellean