CCTV survey shows that wild Rhododendron dauricum is heavily cut down, CBCGDF urgently calls for online sales ban
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Wild Rhododendron dauricum, also known as Xing'an Dujuan (兴安杜鹃), Dazixiang (达子香) and Jindalai (金达莱), is mainly distributed in the three north-eastern provinces of China and the Daxinganling, Xiaoxing'anling and Wanda Mountains in Inner Mongolia. Every year in the early spring of April, when the northern ice and snow have not yet melted, the Xing'an Dujuan will be in full bloom early and show their beauty in the mountain valley.


In recent years, with the popularity of online sales, many people have cut down the dried branches of Xing'an Dujuan and put them on the Internet for sales. This has caused tremendous damage. Near the Spring Festival, CCTV reporters in the Jiagedaqi area (under the jurisdiction of the Greater Xing'an Mountains in Heilongjiang Province) found that although the local authorities repeatedly issued a ban, the cut-down of wild Xing'an Dujuan still occurred in large numbers, which has seriously threatened the survival of the species.


There will be no harm without buying or selling. Due to the slow growth of wild Xing'an Dujuan, it can only grow about 10 centimeters a year. After being cut down, the wild Xing'an Dujuan may only re-grow a new shoot after 6-12 years, and this growth rate is far behind the speed of the disorderly, inexhaustible, and large-scale harvesting speed of the flower sellers, therefore, if the online sales behavior of wild Xing'an Dujuan is allowed, it will soon lead to extinction.


At present, the wild Xing'an Dujuan has not been included in the National Key Wildlife Conservation List on the protection level, and only included the “Heilongjiang Provincial Forest Management Regulations”. The regulations stipulate that the collection of wild Xing'an Dujuan by means of cutting branches during non-acquisition period shall be confiscated and shall be fined more than twice the market value and less than three times the market value. At the beginning of last year, the Tahe County and Huzhong District Governments of Jiagedaqi Area also issued an announcement prohibiting the indiscriminate exploitation, destruction and trafficking of wild Xing'an Dujuan, and serious cases of criminal responsibility.


However, from the current point of view, the management effect of the grassroots government is not obvious, and the penalties of the provincial regulations are too light compared with the profit of online sales, which cannot effectively restrain the cut-down of wild Xing'an Dujuan. In order to avoid the wild Xing'an Dujuan's extinction, CBCGDF urgently calls for the implementation of this year's "E-Commerce Law", the relevant departments should immediately increase the ban of online sales of wild Xing'an Dujuan, and at the same time appeal to consumers not to buy their dry branches to protect the Xing'an Dujuan.

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