Please Leave a Place for Wild Grass in Cities, Let the Wild Grass Grow | Rural Revitalization and Forestry Modernization Forum
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On the first day of the 2019 New Year, Beijing’s winter is still expected to be steep, but the environmentalists who came to participate in the Rural Revitalization and Forestry Modernization Forum were very enthusiastic.


At the forum, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF addressed the issue in the urban landscaping construction: people practice the way of pulling up the wild grass and put forward different opinions. He believes that this approach is not in line with the principle of biodiversity conservation and is a cognitive misunderstanding. On the contrary, we should give the wild grass a place in the urban construction, giving the natural freedom to live. Dr. Zhou took CBCGDF’s experimental base in Daxing Dirstrict to “Let the Wild Grass Grow” as an example. After more than three years of construction, although it is sometimes forced to be scribbled by the local garden department, overall, this piece of base retains the “wilderness” situation that allows the wild grass to grow naturally. Nowadays, in this experimental base, in any corner, you can find various plant species, and even attract a lot of birds to stop there.


“As can be seen from the corner of the experimental base, it fully shows the distribution of biodiversity, shows the vitality of the wild plants, and shows the force of nature.” Dr. Zhou went on to say that the mayor of Beijing once recommended that “to make the birds come to join in the speech to decide how to plant trees in Beijing.” Everyone must understand the words correctly. It actually means to let nature participate and decide, rathe than simply decide by experts the (Beijing) should plant what kind of trees.” Dr. Zhou hopes that relevant departments can change the practice of regularly cleaning up wild grass and trees as soon as possible. “Because it is actually a way of destroying nature.” Conversely, it is necessary to give nature a more space, and give full attention to CBCGDF’s “Let the Wild Grass Grow” experimental base in Daxing District.


It is reported that the Daxing "Let the Wild Grass Grow" experimental base established by CBCGDF has been initially supported by the Beijing Garden Department.

(Photo credit: Tong Ying)



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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