A young fan’s letter to the Pangolin Girl: I want to be a brave girl like you
2018/12/28 12:02:00 本站

CBCGDF received a "love letter" and a painting from a young fan of Sophia, the Pangolin Girl. The letter makes CBCGDF team feel that everything we have paid is worthwhile and every bit of the efforts are not in vain if it brings positive energy to the children.


Sophia said that this letter was truly a reward for her two years of work. All the grievances and pressures have been melted by this letter. She is committed to bringing more positiveness to children. Thanks to the letter, Sophia is charged with more power in front-line work.


Here’s the letter:


Hi Sister Pangolin,


I am your loyal fan who got inspired by your story. Not only do you protect the Pangolins, but you also protect the entire ecosystem and protect the planet.


Although I am still a primary school student and don’t know Pangolins very well, I respect you so much after hearing your stories.


When I learned that Pangolins were the world's largest trafficked species, when I learned that governments were weak in law enforcement in Pangolins protection, when I learned that “when governance is more strong, Pangolins trade is more rampant”, and when I learned Pangolin scales were heavily used as medicine in China, I feel that Pangolins of the whole world has been swallowed up by human greed.


Sister Pangolin, I would like to applause to your courage. I am touched by your actions for Pangolins Protection. I aspire to be a girl like you, joining the team to protect the environment and China's rare animals. I will follow your steps, set you as an example, and have my feet on the ground.




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