The Vicious Incident of Poisoning Migratory Birds in the Dafeng Wetland of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province – CBCGDF is Highly Concerned
2018/12/18 16:30:00 本站

On December 15th, CBCGDF volunteers in Dafeng County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, found out the in the wetland near the Milu deer protected area, many poisoned dead wild ducks appeared, and they just died from the scene.


According to the identification of bird experts, the migratory birds currently poisoned in the Dafeng Wetland, are mostly herons, mallards, green-winged ducks, spot-billed ducks, etc., all listed in the "List of the State's Protected Terrestrial Wildlife that is Beneficial or of Important Economic and Scientific Research Value", the number of mallards is the largest.


Volunteers said that this wetland is also China's national first-class protected animal red-crowned crane, and the wintering place of the oriental white stork. And before, there has been more than one incident of poisoning migratory birds in the area.


The Yancheng Wetland of Jiangsu Province is located on the eastern line of the three major bird migration routes in China. Now, many migratory birds are moving over the winter season. The incident of poisoning many migratory birds is heartbreaking! The matter has been reported to the forest police.


Up to date, the more than 100 CCAfa (China Conservation Area for something at somewhere) sites CBCGDF has established in China, which are for the protection of biodiversity, include many sites related to bird protection. Hereby CBCGDF calls for attention to the protection of migratory birds!


On December 17, after the emergency reconnaissance of the forest police in Dafeng County, Jiangsu Province, the suspect who had poisoned and killed migratory birds in the Yancheng Wetland had been arrested. According to the CBCGDF volunteer, the suspect was a recidivist of poisoning birds who had been arrested twice because of poisoning of migratory birds. CBCGDF praises for the Dafeng County forest police and hopes that more reinforcement of migratory bird’s protection and let them spend a safe winter!







(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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