White Crane Poisoning Case: CBCGDF Launches Action from Relief Technology and Public Interest Litigation
2018/12/9 19:53:00 本站

Recently, eight white cranes in a certain wheat field in Dongying, Shandong Province were poisoned, and many died, causing great concern from all walks of life. After learning the news, CBCGDF will take the role of CCAfa and volunteer forces to deploy and plan to establish “China Conservation Area for White Crane at Dongying” to reflect the importance of people's participation in biodiversity conservation.



On the morning of December 3, CBCGDF volunteer lawyers went to the forest police department and related departments in Dongying, Shandong Province, to carry out related work. When the time is right, legal means will be used to protect the public environment and protect ecological security.


At the same time, CBCGDF appealed to the society that if a caring person discovers such a vicious bird injury incident, he can give feedback to CBCGDF. We will provide remote support through volunteers and CCAfa system, or transfer birds to the rescue station for treatment, and do our best to protect the life of nature.


In the winter, bird poisoning and poaching occurred frequently throughout the country. Tian Zhiwei, director of the “China Conservation Area for Waterfowl at Tangshan” said that he has summarized the experience of bird protection over the years and has recently deployed a professional drug search dog. The first is to search for poisoned feed around the fields to prevent migratory birds from eating; the second is to arrest the poisonous people, because now some of the criminals are pretty cunning, so they can track the toxic smell through the search dog and shock the poisoned person.


This brave puppy is now emerging, and the search for poison in the bird habitat of Tangshan is going well. This is also the first wild animal protection dog in China! Director Tian Zhiwei hopes that it can contribute to the wildlife protection cause.The Secretary General of CBCGDF said that he will issue a volunteer certificate to thank him!



In recent years, CBCGDF CCAfa has carried out many wildlife rescue work. Dir. Tian Zhiwei is a veteran. In 2004, he rescued 13 poisoned national first-class protected animal white cranes. Since then, research and protection of birds have been carried out, and the road of bird protection has been embarked. In 2010, the “Daqing River Rescue Station” was established, and it has been more than one decade since he was engaged in migratory bird protection undertaking.


Since entering this winter, Dir. Tian has discovered and rescued more than 30 protected wild birds, including national first-class protected animals and secondary protected animals. He said that most of the birds that have been rescued have been returned to the wild, but there are still a few because of the injury, or found too late in the wild and couldn’t survive. Recently, several new members have been added to the rescue station. At present, these birds are in the process of treatment. Dir. Tian is preparing for the mid-December releasing the wounded birds into the nature. Before releasing, Director Tian will conduct wilderness training for birds to enhance their survival skills and abilities in the wild.



(Photo and video credit: Director Tian Zhiwei)

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