CBCGDF called Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department: We Volunteer to Provide Pangolin Species Identification Service
2018/12/6 14:34:00 本站

On November, CBCGDF noticed a press release- “Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected pangolin scales” published by Hong Kong Customs on 16 November.


It was reported that Hong Kong Customs seized about 109 kilograms of suspected pangolin scales with an estimated market value of about $420,000 at Hong Kong International Airport. The pangolin scales, smuggled by two 40-year-old female passengers, were found concealed inside tin foil bags in four of their check-in suitcases.


Considering the Hong Kong Customs did not specify the species in the previous reply to CBCGDF’s request of disclosure, CBCGDF called immediately to provide pangolin species dentification service. It replied that the pangolin scales would be all transferred to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for identification based on the working protocol.


On 29 November, CBCGDF expressed its intentions through a phone call to the department that we were happy to provide identification service. The next day, CBCGDF received the reply from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, stating that pangolins were all endangered species protected and administered by the Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants Ordinance (Chapter 586). As the shape of pangolin scales was unique, the police officers were generally capable of identifying them by observation.


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