CBCGDF Complained to CCTV Consumers’ Rights Platform: Pangolin Scales in the Market are Mostly Fake Medicine
2018/12/5 13:51:00 本站

On December 3rd, CBCGDF filed a complaint to the 3.15 platform, an approach to protect consumers’ rights provided by CCTV Caijing (which means finance in English) channel, stating that the pangolin scales are mostly fake medicine in traditional Chinese medicine market. CBCGDF urged consumers not to believe the so-called medical function which would not only be harmful to their health, but would also bring the extinction to this endangered species. 

For one thing, Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the most authoritative encyclopedia for Chinese medicine, says that only Chinese pangolins, or Manis pentadactyla Linnaeus, are considered as medicine while other species are not included.


However, Chinese wild pangolins have been almost extinct since 1980s, which means it is impossible to satisfy the current enormous market demand with mere Chinese pangolins, further proving that most of the pangolins in traditional Chinese medicine market are smuggled from other countries.


For another, based on the Administrative License for Pangolin Medical Use released by the government, the medical use of pangolin and other endangered species are strictly supervised by China. Companies or hospitals can only use pangolins as medicine when approved by the local forestry departments. Nevertheless, we found that Hebei’s approved medical use of pangolins on November this year accounts for 38% of China’s annual use.


Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal whose populations have declined sharply in recent years across the globe. CBCGDF will continue combating illegal pangolin trafficking.

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