Local police and people join hands to rescue pangolin in Yingjiang, Yunan and receive a silk banner awarded by CBCGDF for their efforts
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Recently, CBCGDF came to know that a pangolin was recused by the locals of Yingjiang County in Yunnan Povince. And Forestry Public Security timely handled the case on the spot and meanwhile contacted the local wildlife shelter, sending the creature back to the nature. Through various channels, CBCGDF reached Yingjiang Forestry Public Security who also looked forward to our arrivals so that we could further discuss wildlife animal protection.


On October 25th, the CBCGDF staff set off to Yinjiang County at noon and arrived at 11pm. In next morning, the representative paid a formal visit to the local Forestry Public Security and met Deputy Director Mr. Shi. Relevant exchanges and discussions about local ecological conservation were thus rolled out.


According to what we were told, the locals have been highly motivated in terms of wildlife protection career which was attached great importance by the administration and enjoyed plenty of promotion activities. Public initiative has been demonstrated when the forestry administration has witnessed birds and other animals rescued by the locals and received reports of artificial breeding of porcupines and bamboo rats. The deputy director said that in the past two or three months, 2 or 3 Burma python were saved, as is reported by the public alone. That leads to a huge decline in number of smuggling cases. Especially in such a We Media era, smart mobile helps to spread information faster and wider, and with the help of the government, the local protection work has been much improved.


Over a decade and more, Yingjiang Country has seen notable transformation in ecological protection; the government and people’s way of life and work have been guided by President XI Jinping’s ecological civilization thought. Burma, adjacent to Yingjiang County has been suffered from severe ecological damage, which was caused by extensive deforestation and hunting of wild animals. In comparison, with over 70 percent of forest cover, Yingjiang sees rich biodiversity. Given its altitude ranging from 200 to 3400 meters, Yingjiang Country enjoys rich bio-diversities and fine climate, which is thus billed at natural treasury.


The CBCGDF representative introduced the development history and work field of the organization and more importantly, stressed the severe threats faced by pangolins and other endangered species to the local Forestry Public Security. The exchanges also included the commercial extinction of pangolins in China, differences and distribution features of Manis Pentadactyla and Manis Javanica and the “counting year of pangolins” launched by the CBCGDF.

Mr. Xue, at the invitation of Binghan Police Station, shared with us how the pangolin was found and saved, detailed conditions of it at the rescue center and how it was sent back to the nature.


The CBCGDF representative confirmed to the local Forestry Public Security that the rescued pangolin is Manis Javanica and later awarded a silk banner to Mr. Xue and Police for their efforts in pangolin protection. The representative also expressed the idea of establishing a China Conservation Area locally. Meanwhile Deputy Director Mr. Shi said that they will contact the CBCGDF as soon as pangolins are found, provide Forestry Public Security with tracker and other technological supports and share relevant knowledge and experiences. At the same time, the CBCGDF will work to promote the wildlife conservation career and facilitate the development of the beautiful Yingjiang.


 On 26th October, the CBCGDF representative reached Tongbi Provincial Natural Reserve where the pangolin was released. The place, adjacent to Taping River at the border between China and Burma, boasts dense forests and rich species. It is hoped that the pangolin will be save there.


Again, CBCGDF appreciates the efforts of Mr. Xu, Binghan Police Station and Yingjiang Forestry Public Security.







Representative from CBCGDF exchanges with the county forestry police department on pangolins' protection.





(Photo: CBCGDF)

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By / Liu Lu