Shexian County in Anhui Province Released Manis Pentadactyla for Its Second Time
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According to Jilin Tv, the local of Shexian County in Anhui Province rescued a pangolin, which was then released by Forestry Public Security.


A villager, Wu Xiaochun noticed a ‘black object’rolling into a ditch and brought it back home. After finding out that it’s a pangolin, Wu reported the case to the Forestry Public Security. Examined by the police, the adult pangolin was found not noticeably injured and released to the nature.


This year has seen CBCGDF’s continuous efforts into searching and counting seized pangolins. It has been the second time happened in Shenxian Country to send back pangolins to wild.


The last time, an ‘unknown animal’ was found on road side on 12th, July. In case it would not be injured by passing vehicles, Cao, the one who had found it, brought it back home and reported it to the police the next day. It was confirmed to be a pangolin with no wounds, which was still in a healthy condition for nature. Afterwards, it was thus returned to the nature by the police.


China has been a traditional habitat for pangolins since ancient times. However, recent years has witnessed rampant illegal poaching cases that gradually turned pangolins to endangered and critically endangered species and are even threatened by extinction. Given a better ecological environment and effective ecological protection measures, a good number of animals which were rarely to seen are coming into sight. We cannot but help giving a thumb-up to Shexian Forestry Public Security for what they have done to conserve nature and ecological civilization.


It is a given that Shexian County in Anhui Province represents a traditional habitat of Mains Pentadactyla. According to Shexian Forestry Bureau official website, pangolin is one of the 29 local animals that are protected at the national level. That also proves Shexian County a traditional habitat where the creatures have long been found. We hope that Anhui province will contribute more and more to the ecological civilizations.


Case of releasing pangolins CP-WR-011:

Time: Oct 8th, 2018

Location: Shexian County, Anhui Province

Species: Mains Pentadactyla

Number: One living body, 3.3kg in weight and 64cm in length

Releasers: Mr Wu and Shexian Forestry Public Security

Releasing Location: the place where it is found






1.According to media on 8th October, a local person saved a pangolin which was later released by Forestry Public Security. Source from CCTV.png

According to media on 8th October, a local person saved a pangolin which was later released by Forestry Public Security. (Photo source: CCTV)

2. The pangolin was sent back to its habitat. Source from CCTV.png

The pangolin was sent back to its habitat. (Photo source: CCTV)


Zhang Liang, from Forestry Public Security in Shexian County said to media, pangolins are the second-class national protected animals. This one might fell to the roadside when it was searching for good. There has been more wild animals to been seen amidst better ecological environment which needs to be conserved by the whole society. (Photo source: CCTV)


In July 2018, it was the first time for Shexian Forestry Public Security to send pangolin back to nature. (Photo source: Shexian Forestry Public Security)

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By / LIU Lu