Guangzhou Seized 7262 Kilograms of Smuggled African Pangolin Scales! Public Destruction Calling for Public Participation!
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According to a number of media reports recently, Guangzhou Customs cracked a major case of pangolin scales smuggling of a total amount of 7.26 tons. It is also the largest confiscation case of endangered animals and plants and their products in Guangzhou this year, involving a value of more than 74 million yuan.


On July 11, 2018, when a truck was declared to import, the customs officers found that their declared weight and cargo loading were abnormal. After inspection, a large number of woven bags filled with pangolin scales were found under the granite slabs, and 2.26 tons of pangolin scales were counted at the scene. Later, two cabinets of pangolin scales of the same nature were also intercepted. The overall confiscation was intercepted three times (respectively weighing about 2260kg+2693.5kg+2308.5kg). Together, a total of 7.26 tons of pangolin scales were seized, with a cash value of more than 74 million yuan.


Before the 70th Standing Committee of the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), we were very encouraged to hear the results. Last year, at the CITES 69th Standing Committee, Shenzhen Customs held a press conference on 11.9 tons of confiscating pangolin scales, which made us feel very excited when attending. First of all, we praised the efforts of Guangzhou Customs! It is because of your efforts that criminals are nowhere to be seen. At the same time, this confiscation had made us more worried about the future fate of pangolins. Why is the demand so constant? Why is smuggling repeatedly appearing?? In this way, how much time is left to the extinction of all pangolins in the world???


How to stop it? We strongly appeal for the public destruction and the public participation!


After the ivory was banned, the international view of the illegal trade in wild animals shifted to pangolins. Last year, Shenzhen Customs said at the press conference that 11.9 tons of pangolin scales were seized, it was said that it would be sent to Northeast Forestry University for research. We are very skeptical about this, what research project needs to use 11.9 tons of pangolin scales? What are the reasons for the transference of customs confiscation to university? What are the research qualifications, technical conditions, as well as the directions, dosages, methods, purposes and significance for the research? Therefore, CBCGDF openly asked questions and sent a letter to Northeast Forestry University for information. In February 2018, Northeast Forestry University publicly responded to the media: the school did not receive the pangolin scales handed over by Shenzhen Customs. At that time, the pangolin scales received by the school were only over 100 kilograms and were handed over by Shanghai Customs. Then, where did the scales go? CBCGDF has been keeping an eye on it.


For this batch of 7.2 tons of pangolin scales, we would like to recommend dealing with them with the "destruction treatment". With scale burning, we will show the world our firm position and clear information on illegal wildlife trade. Strong calls for public destruction for public participation!


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(Photo: Guangzhou Customs)


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