The College Entrance Exam Has Been Affected. Will the Termites in Shexian, Anhui Increase Suddenly After Heavy Rain?
2020/7/8 12:11:00 本站

The life-change college entrance exam has rescheduled due to the heavy floods in Shexian, Anhui Province.


And, with the coming of heavy floods, will termites multiply in large numbers? The damage of termites to house construction, especially to brick-wood structures and wood-structure buildings, is particularly serious.


Termites hide inside the wooden structure, destroying or damaging the bearing points, often causing the house to collapse suddenly. "Thousands of embankments break down in ant dens". They are densely nested inside the dams and rapidly multiply. The nursery is dotted (except home termites). The ant roads extend in all directions. Some ant roads even penetrate the inner and outer slopes of the dam. When the water level in the flood season rises dangers often occur in pipeline leaks, and in severe cases it will cause collapse of levees and dams.


Shexian was named Shezhou in the ancient times. It established a county in the Qin Dynasty and a Huizhou government in the Song Dynasty. In 1986, it was named as a national historical and cultural city by the State Council, and also the birthplace of Huizhou merchants, Hui cuisine, and Huizhou culture.


After being attacked by termites, the local ancient buildings have experienced wind and rain, especially the rainstorm. The ancient buildings located in this "old city" may be in danger of collapsing.


However, most creatures in nature have a relationship of mutualism and mutual restraint. The pangolin is the natural enemy of termites. Studies have shown that pangolins mainly feed on termites. In addition, they also eat ants and their larvae, bees, wasps and other insect larvae.


Pangolins eat a lot. The stomach of an adult pangolin can hold up to 500 grams of termites. According to the observation of scientists, as long as there is an adult pangolin in the 250mu woodland, termites will not cause harm to the forest. It can be seen that pangolins have a great role in protecting forests, dikes, maintaining ecological balance, and human health.


We call on people to protect pangolins, protect the ecological environment, and protect the homeland on which humanity depends.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

(Video credit: A termite control center staff in Anhui Province)

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