CBCGDF Volunteers Partner “Beijing Bird Guard Team” Did a Lot Around this World Environment Day
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Last week, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)'s staff members joined the operation, and together with the Beijing Bird Guard Team visited the site of Nanyuan Dapaozi to conduct a survey. At the same time, they conducted a basic surface biodiversity investigation. Because the time is already at the end of May, the migration season is basically over, except for the diversification of secondary vegetation, the migratory wild animals are basically invisible.


At the scene, many summer migratory and resident birds in Beijing could be seen: Indian Cuckoo, Bluethroat, Siberian Rubythroat, white-eye, siskin, Azure-winged Magpie, magpie, turtle dove, sparrow, Little Bunting, Red-flanked Bluetail, reed warbler and so on wandering through the thickets, on the bank of the dried pond, from time to time, wagtail calls came from the small puddles in the distance... Because of the construction activities, the on-site environment had become even more chaotic. Under the high sun, every step was difficult.


On Monday, when the Guard Team volunteers were busy, they received help information for two more incidents.


1. The "Kingfisher's Nest in Yuyuantan Park was blocked” incident


On May 30, some netizens discovered that the kingfisher's nest in Beijing's Yuyuantan Park was blocked by broken bricks and attempted to remove the stone without success. The adult bird also rushed to the hole several times to try to pull out the unshelled bird, but to no avail, flew away helplessly. But at night, the adult bird was still wandering outside the hole.


The first time after receiving help, the Beijing Bird Guard Team contacted the relevant departments of Haidian District and the relevant departments of the Beijing Landscaping Bureau to describe the situation on the scene clearly and hoped to receive emergency rescue measures.


At the same time, they also urgently contacted the anti-poaching first team of China’s Internet. The speed of this team's response is really remarkable. They immediately carried out online help and dissemination on social media platforms. Soon, the anti-poaching team received a formal public reply from the Yuyuantan Park side: the matter has been resolved!


Thanks to the Anti-Poaching Team and the administrative department of Beijing Garden Bureau for their great assistance.


2. After receiving help, the community of love relayed to rescue the raptors hung on the net.


The incident of the kingfisher in Yuyuantan has just ended, and the Beijing Guard Bird Team has joined the rescue action of the loving relay. This time, it was a relay to rescue 7 raptors and a nest of unknown species from the sticky bird net.


The whole process lasted two days, receiving, nursing, cutting the bird net, feeding, observing, highway escort...


So far, in the rescue relay, three birds have died due to stress and weakness, and two have been successfully released to nature. The other two weak Long-eared Owl and Amur Falcon and a nest of chicks are in Beijing Shunyi Wildlife Rescue Center recovering and waiting to be released to nature (the team will continue to follow up).


On Thursday:


1. The team submitted an application to the Beijing Municipal Government Information Disclosure Hall for the application of the relevant instructions from the Municipal Government Office on the "Social Welfare Organization Appeals to Retain the Natural Habitat of Nanyuan Dapaozi and Protect Native Biodiversity" submitted by the Fengtai District Government.


2. The team went to the Complaints Office of the Fengtai District Government of Beijing to submit a complaint document that “the construction of Nanyuan Heyi Park started construction without a biodiversity investigation report” and indicated that a formal written response was required. After the other party accepted the application, it made a registration record.


3. The team went to the Complaints Office of the Beijing Municipal Landscaping Bureau to submit an information disclosure application  on the "Planning Plan for the Construction of Nanyuan Forest Wetland Park Project".


On Friday, another team to protect migratory birds "Let the Birds Fly" assisted the Beijing Bird Guard Team to launch a petition on "World Environment Day-Call for signatures, calling for the preservation of the natural habitat of Nanyuan Dapaozi and the protection of local biodiversity" Campaign, and this open letter was posted on the online new media platforms of the two teams.


The Beijing Bird Guard Team has sent the paper version of the open letter and the voices of 677 signature supporters to three relevant government departments: The National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Beijing Landscaping Bureau, and Fengtai District Landscaping Bureau.


Reconstructing nature means destroying the biodiversity of the region and protecting it first. Beijing does not need a pseudo-ecological project. To protect our native natural habitat is to protect biodiversity so that we can live in harmony with nature and have a sustainable and beautiful future!


(Photo credit: The Anti-Poaching Team)



(Photo credit: Beijing Bird Guard Team)

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