Can the habitat of forest frog be contracted? Are forest frogs domestic or wild?
2020/2/24 12:31:00 本站

The forests in the three eastern provinces of China are the most important part of the biosphere in Northeast Asia. Recently, according to the report of volunteers, the local government has contracted the habitat of #wild forest frogs# to individuals to #breed forest frogs# in nature. The farmers hatch tadpoles by acquiring a small lake and breed them. Adult forest frogs are part of the forest ecosystem after entering the forest. However, to increase the number of forest frogs, farmers try their best to eliminate their natural enemies, such as birds, rats, etc., which seriously damages the ecological balance. When farmers enter the river in autumn, they use electricity to catch forest frogs and sell them from vendors. The output value of the #forest frog industry chain# reaches billions of yuan. Besides, the electricity makes the forest frogs wake up and enables the farmers to catch the forest frogs efficiently, but it brings a disaster to the fish.


Forest frogs can be divided from broad sense and narrow sense, which refer to forest frogs in a broad sense and northeast forest frogs in a narrow sense, while northeast forest frogs are the only exist in China. Forest frogs feed on insects in a natural forest in summer, such as flies, mosquitoes, etc.


Breeding tadpoles is only a step to increase the hatchability. How can it be considered as artificial breeding if the farmers eliminate the natural enemies of forest frog and let them grow in the wild forest and river? Is it right for farmers to be allowed to contract the habitat of wild forest frogs? Besides, volunteers said, the majority of contractors are people related to the forestry bureau. There are various types of contracts, involving a large area of forest, all of which are natural habitats of wild forest frogs. At the same time, volunteers hope that social organizations can help promote the protection of forest frogs in China's wildlife protection law.

By / Li Xue