To Discover the Source of the Novel Coronavirus, CBCGDF’s Pangolin Working Group Rushed to Jiangsu Province for Testing and Research
2020/2/10 13:05:00 本站

South China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions have released research results on pangolin as a potential intermediate host of the novel coronavirus, which has caused widespread concern and debate at home and abroad, especially in the various academic views and speculative arguments.


Finding the source of the epidemic is an important part of the fight against the epidemic.


CBCGDF immediately started discussions with relevant academicians and experts and sent letters to the relevant departments to coordinate and determine to organize two teams of scientists to conduct testing and research simultaneously.

On February 9, the second team rushed to the laboratory, and with the strong support of relevant departments and local disease control centers, successfully launched the scientific research and testing of related samples.


Thanks to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Professor Zhu Shaohe, Chief Scientist of the Pangolin Working Group of CBCGDF, Dr. Sara Platto, Secretary-General of the CBCGDF's Biological and Scientific Ethics Committee (BASE) and Chief Scientist of Wildlife Rescue Expert Team, and enthusiastic volunteers , as well as the hard work of all front-line colleagues.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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