CBCGDF Promoted Joint Law Enforcement by Multiple Departments, and Laohekou City (Hubei Province) Urgently Carried out Special Action for Protection of Migratory Birds in Autumn and Winter
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On January 2nd, the volunteers of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) issued a document to disclose that a large number of wintering migratory birds were poisoned in Laohekou River section of Hanjiang River, which attracted great attention of Xiangyang City and Laohekou municipal party committee and government under its jurisdiction. On the same day, the secretary of the municipal party committee of Xiangyang City presided over the special session of the whole city’s wildlife protection work and invited Mr.  Zhou, director of the “Community Conservation Area for Migratory Birds ? Hanjiang” of CBCGDF to attend the meeting. From January 3rd to January 9th, the meeting decided to carry out the special action of autumn and winter migratory bird protection in the whole city and explore the establishment of protection mechanisms to achieve long-term management.


The city’s Wildlife Protection Symposium was attended by Laohekou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Forest Public Security Bureau, and other departments. After the symposium, Laohekou Municipal Committee also made a special report to Xiangyang Municipal Committee.


In the report document, Laohekou Municipal Party Committee said that after learning that the wintering migratory birds in Laohekou River section were poisoned, Laohekou forest police quickly filed a case for investigation, “not only severely crackdown on the illegal acts of poaching wildlife, but also crack down on the parties who exaggerate facts and maliciously slander according to law”; at the same time, a special joint law enforcement team composed of Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, Commerce Bureau and other departments was organized to carry out law enforcement inspection on all waterfowl habitats along the river, such as reservoirs, and business places such as agricultural trade markets, road markets, restaurants, night markets, and strictly inspect illegal acts such as poisoning, poaching, selling and transporting wild protected animals. In addition, Laohekou Municipal Committee also made a timely response to the previous public opinion. It indicated that the wildlife protection film would be produced through the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the laws and regulations on wildlife protection should be widely publicized on the platform of local TV stations, websites, and public numbers, so as to guide the public to protect wildlife in accordance with the law, report the telephone to the public, and also mobilize the whole people to participate in the disclosure of wildlife crimes.


In terms of exploring the long-term mechanism of local wildlife conservation, Laohekou Municipal Committee decided: Firstly, it is needed to organize local civil affairs departments to cooperate with the CBCGDF’s “Community Conservation Area for Migratory Birds ? Hanjiang”, explore and establish Laohekou Wildlife Protection Association as soon as possible in accordance with the law, and carry out wildlife protection work in accordance with the law with the support of the municipal government. Secondly, it is needed to explore the feasibility, path, and method of setting up migratory bird reserve in Laohekou City according to law, and make positive declaration, especially in the key areas with more wild bird populations and other important places where wild animals gather, shoals, install monitoring and monitoring equipment, improve monitoring facilities, and increase patrol protection.


On January 3rd, the weather was cold and the river was frozen. The special protection action personnel composed of forest police station, wildlife protection station, Wangpuzhou police station, Mr. Wang, the political commissar of Municipal Public Security Bureau, director Liu Jinbao of Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, director Mr. Qin of Fishery Administration and other departments, together with CBCGDF’s volunteers, actively gathered wild migratory birds in the old estuary of the Han River (Hong Shanju Office Area), etc. It wasn’t until 6:00 p.m. on the 3rd, when it was completely dark, that the patrolmen sailed back to the riverbank. On this day, the special action team in the Hongshanzui section of the Han River and other places did not find any wild migratory birds suspected of poisoning. At present, Laohekou City is also strengthening its efforts to crack down on illegal poisoning and poaching of wildlife criminals!



(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Xue Tongtong